Hello Friends

I know.  You’re looking at your calendar and thinking, “It’s not December.  Doesn’t this woman have any self-control?  I thought we had a break from her?”

I couldn’t help but stop in to say, “Happy Thanksgiving” and to share with you my latest obsession (other than Marcus Mumford’s voice). 

For years I have wanted to make some proper advent calendars for the children, but somehow December 1st sneaks up on me and I break down and by the chocolate advent calendars from Trader Joe’s.  Not this year!  This year I’ve got a  plan.

My friend Susan, who always manages to keep an eye out for things I might find useful, found a bunch of small matchboxes in a storage closet and passed them onto me.  My original plan was to wrap each box festively and find some number decals to label them with.

But my Etsy search brought up this lovely set of vintage advent calendar labels, designed specifically for matchboxes!  How perfect are these?  

image source
I instantly fell in love with the playful vintage look and the price!  For $3.50 the seller emails you a printable image and you simply download them, print them off, and glue them to your matchboxes.  She also includes templates for making your own matchboxes, if you don’t want to go out and buy boxes.

I found some extra wide grosgrain ribbon, looped it through a small wreath and hot glued Velcro to the ribbon and the backs of the boxes.

I plan to hang them on the kids doors.

I think I’m more excited about these than the children are…

Here are some more advent calendar ideas that I loved~

Image source

Love the simple drawstring bags with the different styles of numbers
image source

This one is so beautiful~  image source
It looks like it was made with vintage Christmas cards and brown bags.

Another simple advent using matchboxes~ image source

It’s not too late make Advent Calendars for your little ones.  Some bags or boxes, a trip to the dollar store, and you’ve got the makings for a great calendar.  It can be a little tricky finding something small for all 24 days; so here are a few ideas I came up with~

~ Small candies
~ Lego men
~ hair clips
~ earrings
~ fun band aides
~ holiday stickers
~ coupons that the children can redeem. Like, “Make Christmas cookies”, “Watch a Christmas movie”…
~ small plastic animals
~ miniature cars
~ balloons
~ chocolate coins
~ paper umbrellas (like the kind you find stuck in a tropical cocktail)
~ gum
~ plastic army men

I’ve missed visiting with all of you :)   I look forward to catching up!  Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving being with loved ones and enjoying delicious food!

See you soon, April

19 thoughts on “Hello Friends

  1. Marica0701

    When I was a kid I wished that my parents would use Advent calendars. When I have kids someday, I’m making them these cute calendars stuffed with goodies!

    Very cute ideas!

  2. wj3km

    I’ve never done anything with Advent,but have been thinking about it this year… didn’t meet my goal of making a calendar though – I like the brown paper bag idea as well as the drawstring bags – do you know where to get a book that explains or goes along with each day of Advent??  I think my kids would enjoy this.  

    I enjoy visiting your site just to see all of your creative ideas and crafts!
    Have a wonderfully, special Thanksgiving

  3. Elizabethmarie_1

    Yep. You have been missed. =)
    I made an advent calendar I found on pinterest. I can’t wait to start using it!
    Such cute ideas you have here.

    Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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