See you In December

Just popping in to say I’ll be taking a little hiatus from blogging.  Truthfully I’m taking a hiatus from all things computer related.  Nothing to be alarmed about   I just have some projects and things I need to focus on and it seemed like a good time to step back for awhile.  Plus, between Facebook, Pinterest, sewing blogs, and Xanga, I can get a little too tied the the computer

Blogging has always been a fun creative outlet for me.  A place to chronicle our daily comings and goings.  I don’t have any intentions of stopping anytime soon!  I’ll be checking my messages now and again if you need to get a hold of me. 

See in December!  Much love, April

25 thoughts on “See you In December

  1. Richgem

    Oh, my gosh, NO!  I know, I’m being totally selfish.  I will be so glad when you’re back on. I was just talking about you today to my daughter-in-love!  Okay, Dearie….bye, bye.  ) ;

  2. lifeisadance

    I’ve been on a hiatus myself, so I understand.  Mine wasn’t completely planned – just lack of internet at the house where we’re staying in Colorado. And truth be told, I am LOVING it. :) I hope to be back to regular blogging one day, just because I enjoy it so, but it really is refreshing to step back and take a break. I hope your hiatus is everything you wish it to be and more!

    And I glanced through your flower post previous to this… just loveliness in so many forms! I love your endless creativity!


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