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Post titles I considered for this post:  “Falling for Fall”,  “Orange you glad it’s Fall?!”,  or “Obligatory Pumpkin Patch photo-op”.   Pretty cringe-worthy right?  This is what happens when you are at home with preschool-aged children all day and your vocabulary starts to deteriorate.  When the only jokes you know start with “Knock-knock” or rely heavily on puns.

Nevertheless, we have been doing a lot of fall-ish type things these days.  Even busted out the apple cider this morning.  The house has been festively adorned with pumpkins, wheat, leaves and the like.  Justin brought the pellet stove in from the shed and stocked up on pellets.  Drawers are slowly being filled with long-sleeved shirts, pants, and sweaters.

I’m pretty sure I like decorating for fall more than I do Christmas… in fact I’m certain I do.

 We also went to the pumpkin patch with Jude’s class~

Brought home some pretty cute pumpkins ;)

Now if we could just get some nice fall weather.  Upper 70′s, lower 80′s are lovely temperatures unless you are longing for cold days, a good rain to wash off the harvest dust, and reason to sit by a nice warm fire. 

16 thoughts on “insert clever title

  1. bamsniko22407

    Looks like a fun trip to the pumpkin patch!!!!  And I love decorating for each holiday… I just love the excuse for “new” looks and projects!  However, I think Halloween and Christmas are my two favorites!

    I love your window display!

    And out of the title choices… I like “Falling for Fall” best. :)   And I totally understand not having much use for a nice, wide, diverse vocabulary anymore.  Heck, I spend all day with a toddler who just, well, isn’t great for a stimulating conversation.  He’s always good for a laugh, tho. :)

  2. redladybug18

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has trouble with naming the title.  I think they should invent something that analyzes your post and comes up with an awesome title since I can never think of anything good :)
    I agree, I think fall is so much more fun to decorate for then christmas.  Even though we don’t have all the fall colors and stuff they have up north to decorate with, there’s still lots of stuff to bring in from the outdoors that’s natural that I think is so cool!
    Well we definitely haven’t worn or gotten out the long-sleeves yet, today it actually felt so good with high’s barely in 70′s!  It seems so strange to be cold after such a long summer.  I almost don’t believe the weathermen anymore when they say it’s going to get cold.  We’ll see what I think in the morning when I go for my walk and it’s supposed to be in the 40′s!

  3. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    pretty sure you like decorating for fall more than Christmas? yep. me too.
    course, when Christmas rolls around, i do enjoy it as well..
    such cute pumpkins your children are…think we are supposed to have frost by the end of the week…wishing you fall-ish weather too!

  4. promisesunshine

    you decorate so prettily.  you have a flair for details.  the big question:  do the knock knock jokes make sense?  my kiddo still makes up bad knock knock jokes that require laughter just because they are not funny.

  5. Marica0701

    I love the cool weather of autumn and I wish my mother would decorate the interior of the house for autumn. I love its warm colours! This post also has me wanting to buy a pumpkin for its yummy seeds!

    And lastly, I adore the photo of you and your kids. So sweet!

  6. perelandra30

    Hey, puns are a totally unappreciated form of humor.  I don’t know where you live but the fall weather is here in earnest.  Upstate New York has been enjoying temps in the 60′s during the day and mid-30′s to 40′s at night.  We have even had a few days of “lowering skys” as my grandmother would have called them.  Lots of clouds!  Even the smells of fall are heavy in the air with the harvesting of soybeans and field corn.  I think this is my favorite time of year also.

  7. ToLiveLoved

    I love fall decorations too…..maybe if I incorporated more lights, I would like it more than Christmas decor, but the lights of December just get me. I’m a sucker for lights.

  8. Elizabethmarie_1

    I LOVE fall decorating!!!  In September I like Fall decorating better, in December, I like Chirstmas decorating better! hahaha.

    Your pictures were fun to look through…and your children, so cute! Just like their Mom!
    Ahhh…70′s and 80′s. That won’t happen here for another 6-7 months! 

    Happy Wednesday to you. =)

  9. rugbana

    Love the fall decorations.  Especially the wheat on the window.  I have a few things here and there — but more then the simply decorations  I love the smells of fall.  The pumpkin candle, the cranberry scentsy, the fall oil blend in the warmer.  The weather here is 49 degrees, almost 2 chilly for fall.  I’d like to warm it back up to about 60-65.    I finally turned my heat on this week, with watching a baby in the house.  I have been wanting to get to a pumpkin patch but our weekends have been really busy.   Aleigh will go Friday with her class — but still want to take Avery and Ryan.   

  10. down_onthefarm

    such lovely fall loveliness you have going on! you make great looking decorations and kids. :)

    and thanks btw. for your kind words and rec. it was like a big hug saying “i get it cindy.” which means alot and especially about something that had touched us so deeply.

    happy it’s almost thursday which means it’s almost friday!

  11. Shaniqua777

    Aww I love your house decor. So cute. Girl, you should be the next Martha Stewart….cause you ROCK! hahahaha

    Cant believe how fast your kids are growing up!  You look great, too, btw. Thanks for adding a foto of Gav n Cora n Jess. Miss them all so much!! Wish you could send some of that fall weather here… NEVER gets cold where I am in Brasil :( We dont have stuff to decorate for fall either, except for some pretty ugly pumpkins at the grocery store! :P I should have brought some fall and winter smelling candles to at least burn while Im sitting in the air conditioning room ;) hahahhaa

    Happy Fall to you and your sweet family.


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