Monday November 10, 2008

The preparations have begun.  A small order from the Land of Nod is on it’s way.  A  corner of the boys’ closet is starting to fill with dresses and sleepers.

Her quilt has been pieced together and is ready to be quilted.  I think I’m going to attempt to cover the boys’ old bumper with a coordinating fabric.

Little pink shoes wait in the top drawer for little pink toes to fill them.

Over the weekend, as I was carefully sewing trim on burp rags and monogramming  letters onto bibs; it occurred to me that this was probably the least rational thing I have ever done. 

All of these lovely bibs and rags will soon be covered with spit-up and stained with pureed sweet potatoes.  I made things for my boys but nothing quite like this.

Daddy is already planning to clear out his office to make room for her.  Not that there isn’t room with the boys, but we thought that the sleeping patterns of an infant wouldn’t be that compatible with those of a three-year-old.  I certainly don’t need more than one child waking up in the middle of the night.

 It’s funny how having a little girl has made pregnancy new again.

7 thoughts on “Monday November 10, 2008

  1. H0LDfast

    why is it that our baby is just 10 months and a girl no less and i’ve read this and thought  – ‘aw. i want one!’
    seriously?? where is my brain! . . . .   : )
    somewhere mixed up in my heart i guess.
    its all very lovely ~
    and on a monogramming side note – i can always be that target lady!

  2. inanorchard

    @H0LDfast - For a person who loves her secrets, you sure like getting other people to spill theirs :)   I would be tempted to tell you because I know you’re like a locked vault when it comes to secrets, but I know some grandmothers and aunts that would not forgive me!

  3. Javagirl201

    You would think you were excited or something.    I got a giggle out of you monogramming bibs.  There is just something about having a little girl that makes moms want to go over the top.  I still do it sometimes!  hehehe.

  4. Shaniqua777

    sweet. loveeeeee all the pink. precious. you are soo crafty. I would buy your stuff ;) cute ideas. love the pink and brown outfits. adorable. excited to see all the pink at Jay n Jess’s too! fun fun fun.


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