My high school teacher, Ed Gish used to say, “You gotta get your jollies in life were you can.”  He got his jollies from a perfectly cleaned black board.  I loved watching him clean the black board during study hour.  He had a system that he never deviated from, and when it was finished he would lean back on his desk and smile.  I loved that man.

Taking pleasure in the small things.

So to end the week, here is a small sampling of things that make my heart happy~

A delicious, comforting egg salad sandwich for lunch.  I love egg salad sandwiches.  Sadly, no one else in my family does.

Spring bulbs and seeds that will be planted this fall, and just when I’ve almost forgotten about them they will push up from dark, cold ground and remind me that spring has come.

I might have gone a little crazy with the sweet peas   I just kept hitting the “add to cart” button over and over.  Too bad there’s not a “plant in the ground” button I can push.

Little boys in mix-matched pajamas, playing on the floor… that makes my heart happy.

The perfect color for the bathroom walls.

And this, that came in the mail today

Here’s something thing that you might not know about me.  I love all things cheesy, corny, and tacky.  I do.  It makes me smile.  I never want to live in a world where everything and everyone is stylish.  I like the giant plastic monarch butterflies hanging on the side of the garage, the plywood painted to look like a fanny sticking up out of the flower bed.  To the woman at the deli counter in the powder pink polyester suit (with matching lipstick) I say, “Thank you.  Thank you for making my day!  Thank you for being your delightfully pink self.  You rock!”.  I hear people say, “If I ever start looking like that; just shoot me.”  But I say, if I look happy just let me be.  Where’s the harm in that?  Embrace the tacky. Love the cheesy.  And for heaven’s sake don’t ever take yourself too seriously!

Have a great weekend…

22 thoughts on “Jollies

  1. perelandra30

    You and I are so compatible!!!!! I love the red hat ladies.  When I get to be a certain age I am so going to wear red and purple together. (don’t tell my daughter ’cause I hate the color red and she is forbidden to bury me in anything red)

  2. H0LDfast

    for the record i commit to being seen in public with you when we’re 67 & you are rocking the powder pink polyester – we can order egg salad together, i like it too …. just saying 
    yay props for you – you have paint!
    can i put my order in now for a bouquet of your flowers ’cause unlike you i will have weeds in my beds as spring starts again.
    love you ~

  3. fruitloops115

    haha i love it. That last paragraph just made my night now you have me wondering where i get MY jollies from…I’m so puzzled. I hope I do get jollies cuz the word alone makes me feel well, jolly 

  4. Richgem

    I love HAROLD!  I love egg salad, scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, over easy eggs, and I do get a kick out of people who are brave enough to do/be what’s cheesy! Aaaaand, I positively ADORE that color for your bathroom! You little mismatched guy looks adorable! One more thing…the college I went to (Christian Heritage in El Cajon, CA) had a professor who’s name was Gish. (Duane?) Anyway, everyone called him Gish the Fish. (our school specialized in Creation Research).

  5. ThreeSilkStockings

    Love watching Red Green with my husband on Satruday nights while waiting for Dr Who to come on.  I make a mean deviled egg.  And while I don’t much care for pink or polyester I do wear what makes me happy and poop on anyone who doesn’t like it! :p

  6. ABAHM

    Those two picks of potential flowers make me happy.  I adore putting bulbs in the ground and have fresh spring lovelies pop up, and sweet peas are amazing!  All those fragrant, colorful blooms from a little pea…you are getting me in the mood.  I have been planting the fall garden of late and have sore legs as a result, but haven’t gotten to sweet peas yet!
    Little boys in PJs playing is a very sweet sight to me….sigh.
    I have watched the red green show with my boys, so silly.
    I am afraid to have my husband ever talk to you, as he thinks the color scheme at Santa’s Village is the best,featuring very BRIGHT colors.   He would probably enjoy talking to you about his upcoming line of clothing called “perennial tourist”.  I recently asked him if he has any Scottish in him, as they apparently wear their plaid kilts with other plaids and stripes.

  7. Lucy_or_Ethel

    I love this entry. It has a few of my favorite things! Egg salad, oh my I still recall the very 1st egg salad sandwhich I ate over 50 years ago! Been a favorite every since. Great post and wonderful pictures.
    Enjoy your weekend and keep on enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

  8. bamsniko22407

    People do tend to take life too seriously… I catch myself stressing over evreything from time to time and I can’t stand it because I’m stressed and over anxious.  I’m not enjoying anything and that’s not good.  I’ve been working on letting some stuff go and picking my battles.  Life really is too short to not enjoy every moment of it.

    Thanks for such a fun reminder of how simple letting go can be!  I love your teacher’s saying!  Jollies!

    And also, thanks for the reminder about planting for Spring! ;)   Maybe this will be the year we start some of those landscaping projects that we never seem to have time or money for… lol

    Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Iloveaholiday

    You are SO right! I love looking at catalogs full of bulbs and the promise of early spring flowers. I’m hoping to get a few in the ground this year. My desire is to have lots and lots of day lilies in different colors. They are one of my favorites. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. appalolly

    You are too funny!  I did not peg you as a person who would like things that are tacky and cheesy. Obviously, you also like plenty of things that are not tacky and cheesy, cuz I have seen a lot of them on your blog!!  I think those small things that make us happy (maybe a little too much) are part of what makes life bearable. You know?  You go, girl! Maybe one day you’ll be rocking out the pink polyester pants suit!

  11. redladybug18

    thinking about bulbs already? Hard to believe it’s that time of the year already!  Man, I’d love to have on of those planting buttons.  Or actually I’d take a house cleaning button as well :)
    Enjoy the little things…a good reminder to me!  What does it matter what others really think?  If I try to please everyone, I’ll please no one.

  12. wj3km

    My husband loves, loves, loves the Red Green show :)  

    Every Spring I ask myself why I didn’t remember to plant  bulbs – maybe this Fall I’ll remember.  Love to see Tulips blooming.Yes, learning to live life in a more simple less stressful way.

  13. grace_to_be

    ps. oh yes.. and of course, being canadian, my hubby too loves red/green!! i remember watching it all the time our first year of marriage – it came on one of the few stations we got way out in the boonies! ;)  


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