Monday July 30, 2007

The trouble with grocery carts

Whenever I go to the grocery store and I stand before the rows and rows of grocery carts, I feel like Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade when he is standing in front of all those chalices.  As he contemplates his choice the old knight says, “Chose wisely and you will receive everlasting life.  Chose unwisely and you will shrivel up until your eyes pop out and you turn into a little pile of dust (I paraphrased that last part).”

I know that if I chose wisely, I will be rewarded with a cart that behaves it’s self.  However, if I chose unwisely, I will have to endure a cart that pulls to one side and sounds like a freight train going through the store.

So, I stand there contemplating my choice.  Should I take one from the front?  No.  Those are obviously just other people’s reject carts.  On the other hand, the perfect cart could be sitting right in front of me and I foolishly pass it up for a bad cart in the back.  How many carts can you pull out of a row without seeming ridiculous?  Really; I would like to know.

While I remain ever hopeful, I know deep in my heart, that just like the Holy Grail; the perfect grocery cart doesn’t really exist.

3 thoughts on “Monday July 30, 2007

  1. H0LDfast

    well it’s a unique way of letting others know you’re there – the whole freight train noise thing.

    loved you and the boys -

    and i don’t think you’re boring – for what its worth.

  2. manuelmusings

    My dream carts when the children were little were the ones with the extra seats on them; the ones that could accommodate three children and I would still have the rest of the cart for groceries.  It really annoyed me when none were available because people who had a child that was well over the age of 6 and perfectly capable of walking were using them.


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