Friday July 27, 2007

I was in the car the other day when a song came on the radio.  The tile of the song was something like, “Live life like you were dying”.  It’s an idea I’ve often heard expressed but its never really appealed to me.  I understand the basic premise of making each day count, but living each day like you were dying seems like a sure way to get yourself killed.

Even if I survived all of the risky stunts one is supposed to do when one is living life to it’s fullest; the sheer stress would do me in.  Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror every morning and saying, “Alright, this is the last day of my life.  Let’s make it count.”  Are you really going to spend 20 minutes eating cereal and reading the funnies?  What would you do that day?  Paint your toe nails?  What would be the point?  I really don’t need that kind of pressure.

So, I could hop on a plane to Europe but,… it would be hard to find a babysitter, and the gold fish like to be fed every few days, and the garbage needs to go out on Wednesday morning.

I suppose the real flaw I find in this philosophy are the things that people do in order to make their life seem meaningful.  If at the end of your life you can say you climbed a really big mountain or fell out of the sky; does that mean you lived life to it’s fullest?

It’s just a thought; but maybe living life to it’s fullest means waking up everyday and asking God to give you the strength to live each day with compassion and foresight.

3 thoughts on “Friday July 27, 2007

  1. joyinhispresence

    I totally, totally agree.  I believe God has very specific reasons for not allowing us to know which is our last day here.  Don’t you think it is often in the “little” things that we can glorify God most with our daily lives?  Oswald Chambers says as much when he says that it is in the “mundane that we often live our lives to the fullest” or something to that affect!  I think I agree.  Have a blessed weekend, friend.  I will come by your house someday to say, “hi!”


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