Wednesday July 25, 2007

All week he has been asking, “Go to pool mommy?  Go swimming?”.  When he wakes up in the morning, when he takes a nap, at bath time, and anytime we go to get in the car, I hear this question asked.

So this morning I wake him up with the good news that today is finally the day we will go to the pool and go swimming.  He’s so excited that he wants to eat breakfast in his swim suit but when I give him his cinnamon toast he is too excited to eat.

We make it through all the pre-swimming routines (swim diaper, sunscreen, bathing suit) and it is time to get in the pool.

I’m sure you see where this is going… he puts his feet on the first step of the pool and says, “Done mommy!”

He decided sitting by the pool and eating snacks was more his speed.
Baby Boy was more adventurous than his big brother.

Thanks Jess for inviting us to swim!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday July 25, 2007

  1. celebration_of_life

    Hey that’s where we were headed when we saw you. Sometimes all the prep and looking forward to something makes the event a little anticlimatic. Hope you had a good day…see you tomorrow night, right?

  2. PolkaDotAlot

    Ahhh…swim babies!  Running down the list of must haves when going poolside: Swimsuits, sunscreen, snacks, towels, baby boats, etc.  Yet another example of appreciating all our mothers did for us while we had NO IDEA at the time! :)


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