Tuesday July 24, 2007

Birthday Dinner and an Exploding bowl

It was his birthday yesterday and I had a special dinner planned for when he came home from work.  All afternoon I had been slow cooking baby back ribs.

Ten minutes before he was to arrive at home everything was going great.  The table was set, the corn on the cob was washed and ready to boil, potatoes were baking in the oven, his birthday pie was cooling on the counter, and the boys were playing happily under my feet.

I had just started to work on the B-B-Q sauce for the ribs and I had set the ribs (which were still wrapped in foil) in a large glass bowl on the stove.  They were resting there while I finished reducing the sauce to put on the meat.  I glance down at the knobs on the stove and turn on what I think is the back burner, to get the water boiling for the corn.

After about 5 minutes I realize that the water has not started to steam and that the kitchen is starting to smell funny.  I look at the glass bowl sitting on the red hot coil, let out a gasp and reach to pull it off the burner.  Just as my hand touches the bowl it explodes into a thousand pieces.

I step towards the boys to make sure that they are alright and as I do I place my heel squarely on a shard of glass. 

When he walks into the house the boys are crying, I am standing in the middle of the kitchen bleeding and frantically trying to sweep up glass.  As far as I know the entire dinner may be ruined and I am dangerously close to crying myself.

He ushers me out of the kitchen, cleans up the glass, comforts the boys, removes the glass from my foot, cleans it and puts a bandage on the cut, and then finishes getting the rest of the dinner ready.

So, for his birthday he did what he does almost everyday; he came home and picked up the pieces!

P.S. dinner was not ruined in fact it actually turned out pretty good.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday July 24, 2007

  1. MissAlli82

    Oh. My. Goodness. I started laughing, and then realized I was laughing at your misfortune! And then I realized that I probably have many of these moments in my future! Ha!

  2. H0LDfast

    you are still wonderful. thanks again for saturday. sailor was telling us all about it on the way home. this and that about the boys – then it was ‘auntie april needs to have a girl.’  : )  ha, just passing along the message!!


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