Thursday July 19, 2007

 What we did today

When Jess called at lunch today and asked what we were up to I replied something to the effect of, “Nothing really, nothing productive.” 

Sometimes I really have to remind myself that productivity doesn’t equal a good day.  I need to remember that being a stay-at-home-mom means more than just physically being at home.

So, if you ask me now what we did today I would tell you we did lots of really important stuff! Like…

We made play dough.  We made snakes, and snowmen, we smashed it and pretended to make cookies and ate them.

We played with blocks. I was in charge of construction he was responsible for demolition.  We sorted the blocks, pushed them through the holes in the lid of the box, and Baby Boy tasted them all.

We played with the animals.  They all got lined up, identified, and we practiced all the animal sounds we knew.  What does a zebra sound like?

Most importantly I spent time with them.  The day had it’s ups and downs but all in all it was great.  There are times I wish I could leave the house and be apart of the grownup world of work, but then I think about all the things I would miss.  I would miss him climbing up into the chair with my Bible opened in his lap and hear him quietly sing, “Jesus loves me,..”  Those words have never sounded so sweet or been more poignant than when I heard them coming out of his little mouth.

4 thoughts on “Thursday July 19, 2007

  1. H0LDfast

    i’m curious to hear your zebra sounds : )

    good job, you’re a good mom.

    and you were gracious in your last post – very sweet of you, thanks.

  2. celebration_of_life

    Many people would love for you to believe that since you are at home with your kids you are lacking in REAL purpose. Keep it up you inspire me to me a more creative mom…I can hardly handle play doh with all our carpet:( Praying the next few days go smoothly…


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