Saturday February 21, 2009

The month is slipping by quickly.  One nice thing about being pregnant with small children in the house is, you don’t sit around counting the seconds until baby comes.

Making Valentine’s Day cupcakes for Awanas.  Don’t they look helpful?

Daddy got the boys a trampoline, help get out some of that extra energy.

Lunch at the park and a trip to the library proved to be a nice Friday afternoon diversion.

He was looking for the chocolate candy hidden at the bottom of the box.

They did NOT want their picture taken!

Hopefully the next three and a half weeks will go as quickly as the last three weeks.


3 thoughts on “Saturday February 21, 2009

  1. periwinklecurls

    Your boys are so cute….cannot wait to see your girlie! She will be just beautiful. Oooooh, I really am excited for you! Girls are SO much fun. It seems there are a few more accesories to think about (hairbows, tights, shoe styles, ETC – and all must match!) but then again, I don’t have any boys either!

    Fun post. Pics are always great. You are such a good mom…getting them out to a park. I am impressed.

  2. celebration_of_life

    We loved jumping like that at my Gma’s when we were little…I can just imagine them putting their little sister on to give her a bounce or two:)
    What fun cupcakes…we didn’t do any Valentine food this year:( Oh well another time…


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