Tuesday February 17, 2009

He is sitting at the table looking at the drinkable yogurt container and this is the conversation we have with each other-

“There’s too many calories in this.”

“Really!  I think it’s the perfect amount for a growing boy.”

“Yeah, ’cause boys need to be strong.  They want to be strong like their daddies, but girls don’t need to be strong.”

“They don’t?”

“No, they need to grow up and be like their mothers.”

He squeezes my arm and continues…

“They need to grow up and be about your size.  Yeah, you’re a good size for a mom, Mommy.”

“Thank you.”

We’ve never really had discussions about gender differences and it’s fun (and funny) to watch him make observations about mommies and daddies and boys and girls.  I am also once again, challenged with the knowledge that they are taking in EVERYTHING.  I don’t need to let that knowledge frighten me but I do need to let it motivate me be a Godly example in word and deed.

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