Sunday February 1, 2009

Our household has experienced another milestone event.  Both of the boys will be sleeping in their brand new (at least to us) bunk beds tonight. 

All of this is thanks to my sweet husband and my sweet Dad, who gave up most of their Super Bowl Sunday, to travel to Livermore and pick them up.

He was so excited.

He got his box of random plastic tools out and “helped” Grandpa and Dad.

Waiting so patiently!

The finished product.

In all of my busy planning, getting ready to welcome this new baby and move into a new stage of our lives, I suddenly realized I am also closing a chapter on memorable times in our lives.  Something that I became acutely aware of as I placed the boys washed and folded baby quilts into storage containers.  They’re still little but they are growing up fast.  I don’t want to be too busy to notice or to celebrate and enjoy all of their “firsts”.

Hopefully this “first” night of sleeping in bunk beds becomes a pleasant memory.

7 thoughts on “Sunday February 1, 2009

  1. H0LDfast

    tonight when they were getting ‘jammies on jack was wondering what color jude’s new bunk bed was. ‘maybe it ‘flue or yed or orange or furple or john deere  . . . ‘ : ) i’ll have to show him the pictures in the morning.
    they look fun – good find.
    good night ~

  2. viewinghuijia

    It seems like only yesterday when we set up our bunk beds at family housing in Berkely for the first time! O how excited our boys were!

    O they grow up SO fast!

    Make cookies, set on the floor and play Lego’s, sleep in the back yard under the stars in sleeping bags, take bike rides, read, read, read to them, take pictures of every birthday cake, and every Mother’s Day when they dress up in ties and take you to Salida Fire Dept. it will be history, SO soon.

    I promise!


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