Tuesday September 25, 2007


Grandpa R. came over last night for dinner.  He arrived a bit early and I had to run across the street to get some ice from the neighbors.  When I came back I found all three of them sprawled out on the boy’s bedroom floor playing with the trucks.  I loved my grandparents, but I don’t remember them ever getting on the floor and playing with me.  We are very blessed to have not one, but four very hands-on grandparents.


He thinks that there is a baby in the oven.  He’s always very excited to see this strange “oven-baby”.  Someday he will figure it out and be a little disappointed to lose a friend.

Gavin came over to play with us this morning.  He hasn’t played at our house for a while, so it was a special treat for the boys.

He was blowing very hard and when that didn’t work he ripped the tops off and threw them.  What a boy!

He loved playing on the slide, and with anything that could be a choking hazard:)  Such a good lookn’ boy!

He’s turning into a big boy.  Scooting all over the back yard trying to keep up with the boys!  He’s a very careful driver :)

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