Sunday September 23, 2007

I’ve been thinking lately about my friendships with Jama and Steph.  When we opened our time capsule a few weeks ago, we each read aloud the letter we had written to ourselves 9 years ago.  Listening to our letters really crystalized in my mind the roles we have each occupied throughout our long friendship.

Steph is without question the “brains” of the outfit.  On a daily basis she reads blogs about everything from economics, to philosophy, to local and national politics.  When I read the paper, I read the gossip page and the funnies.  Steph reads the editorial page and then does the crossword puzzle.  I love when she tells me about her work day. She uses all of these important sounding acronyms. She handles emergencies where peoples lives are actually at stake, but she makes it sound like it’s as normal as laundry day at my house.

Jama has always been our spiritual and moral compass.  Back in the day, when our conversations consisted of what kind of car we were going to drive when we got our drivers license; Jama was thinking about the direction God had for her life.  Service to God has always been her passion, goal, and pursuit.  Her education, her profession, free time, extra resources; have all been used to equip herself for the Lord’s use.

Then there’s me. . . . I say stupid things that make them laugh.  It isn’t much- but it’s all I’ve got.  I would like to tell you that it’s all calculated and for their benefit, but that wouldn’t be the truth.  Beside, if making a fool out of myself is the price I pay to be their friend… then it’s totally worth it. 

7 thoughts on “Sunday September 23, 2007


    Hey, you’re not giving yourself enough credit here…I’d say you are a combination of the two, and nicely balanced at that…I love you, dear…aren’t friends wonderful?

  2. joyinhispresence

    I have to TOTALLY agree with CHOBLIT.  For sure, you do not give yourself enough credit.  You make us laugh, but laughter is the best medicine in life.  Your gorgeous handiworks of paintings, photographs, drawings and the art of a beautifully and tastefully decorated home…now that is something for sure I cannot offer our threesome:)  For sure, you are the creative and artistic one of the group.  I would say that makes us pretty well rounded, wouldn’t you?!  Thank you for honoring me with your comments.  It inspires me to strive to be all you perceive me to be!  I love you and S so much and cherish our special memories.  There will be many more, friend.  Many more!:)  Next time, in Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Javagirl201

    I have always enjoyed being around you — you’re a fun person and I have many memories of being doubled over from laughter at something you have said, and I think that’s a good thing!! =)

  4. schizophrenic_discourse

    Exactly! You underestimate the importance of a creative/artistic member to round us out. We, well I, desperately NEED someone who can answer the burning fashion and decorator questions. Throw us all together and we have Substance *AND* Style.

  5. manuelmusings

    You don’t give yourself enough credit for your role in the relationship.  There always needs to be someone who is patient, extra sweet, and creative.  These qualities provide more influence than you recognize.  The laughter is just an added benefit…
    I also love that chicken recipe you provided.  I have one about like it that we serve with cooked noodles.  It is one of the few “casserole” type dishes that we eat and one of the few that does not include rice. 


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