Thursday August 30, 2007

We had a really fun day playing with the cousins!  Big Brother was so excited about them coming today that he woke up at 6:30am, just to make sure he didn’t miss anything.  He should take a very good nap!

We started the day off with waffles, got everyone into their clothes, and then painted.  The hot day was perfect for squirt guns and water balloons in the backyard.  They also washed all of the bikes and toy cars.

My oldest thinks that life would be perfect, if he could just have all of his cousins live at his house.  The two littlest boys gravitated towards each other.  It’s funny how even at their young age they are already seeking out others who are similar to themselves.

My mom came to help play with the kids, which made the day all the more special for them and a lot less work for me!

He was my unexpected artist.  He was so patient and methodical with his painting.

Fun times!  We must do it again!

6 thoughts on “Thursday August 30, 2007

  1. Shaniqua777

    you guys have the best days!!!! if I had my own preschool/at home day care, I would learn from you and your amazing family!!! :) wish we could have played with water balloons, hoses, and guns today!! :)


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