Thursday September 13, 2007

6 was the number of times he threw-up this morning.

2 loads of soiled towels, p.j.s, and blankets; washed and dried

3 crackers and a half a piece of buttered bread is all he has eaten in 24 hours

1 trip to the Doctor’s office only to hear- “drink lots of fluids and rest”

2 bubble baths- the first for the smell, and the second for relaxing

1entire day turned on it’s head.

… hopefully Baby Boy will escape without any tummy troubles.  As a mother, it seems I spend a good amount of time second guessing myself, or not figuring things out until it’s too late.  Whenever he gets sick I always think that I should have seen it coming.

I remember the first time my oldest got sick after Baby Boy was born.  I was sitting on the couch with a sick child in one hand and a crying infant in the other.  I called my husband at work and insisted that he come home.  I informed him (in a not-so calm voice) that I simply could not handle a sick child, and a newborn all by myself.  He very kindly and tackfully assured me that I was a very capable woman who would be just fine and then promised to be home as soon as he could.  It’s funny now… kind of!

One thought on “Thursday September 13, 2007


    Been there…done that…!!! When Rudy was 2, he got a terrible flu bug, so I had to stay home from the day trip (in OHIO) that both our parents & we were taking (I told Bruce to go ahead, not knowing the nightmare I was entering). He was throwing up so often that I took him to the Dr and was given medicine to try to stop it, but it did not help and by afternoon, I had to go to the hospital and they admitted him to give him IV’s. This particular day fell on our anniversary, no less, so when the day travelers returned, I was extremely ready for a break. He was in the hospital a couple days and then the day he came home we went away that evening and on the way he threw up again….the joys of children….by God’s grace we get through them with stories to tell!!!


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