Tuesday September 11, 2007

The days seem to be moving by quickly and busily, yet at the end of each day it seems I have accomplished very little.  Lately life seems to be about small changes.  A few pound lost, crawling a few more steps, learning some new words, little sandals that are a little too small, getting him to sit on the potty a bit more often.

He has now completely transitioned to solid foods and is loving it.  So often it seems that the second born child spends his/her life racing to catch up with the older sibling.  He is not that way; completely content to move at his own pace.

We went to rest home singing this past Sunday evening.  Much to my shame, we are not faithful attenders.  It is such a small thing; to go and sing a few songs, and they are so appreciative.  Clapping after every song, some of them shouted out “Wonderful”.  As I walk through the dinning hall with my little one in my arms they stop me by placing their trembling hands on my arm.  As they thank me for the “lovely singing” they will gently touch his hands and feet or carefully hold him on their lap.  When I look into their face I see a thousand sweet memories.  They are remembering a time when their limbs were strong, their hands were busy, and they held their own little one on their knee.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday September 11, 2007

  1. manuelmusings

    We were not present very often at rest home singing when the children were babies either.  It gets easier as they get older and can stand on their own two feet.  The residents enjoy the children at any age.  They get such a thrill out of the children coming around and shaking their hands. 


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