Sunday May 3, 2009

Cloudy days are ideal for picnics.

We needed to get away.

Away from the house.

Away from to-do lists.

Away from boxes.



2 thoughts on “Sunday May 3, 2009

  1. RunningBrooke

    Day trips with friends are great!  Looks like a relaxing day.  That muddy, little Claire girl is too funny!  I can just imagine in a few years Lizzie will be run ragged trying to look out for her…that’s what big sisters do best.  :)   I love the picture of Jude with his arms around everyone.  It looks like he is trying to keep them all in the picture.

  2. H0LDfast

    somehow the last time i was here it wouldn’t let me comment . . .
    that last picture of claire is just making me smile – great : )
    glad you were able to go!


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