Monday August 22, 2011

I’ve been in a blog funk lately.  A product of a busy schedule, and a momma who’s a little too tired at the end of the day to be clever, inspirational, or even form a complete sentence. 

It’s okay really.  Funk happens.  You move past it and inspiration returns.

So this is me, attempting to blog:

Sort of a “Simple Woman’s Daybook” done April style (meaning I didn’t take the time to find out what the official “daybook questions” are, and simply made up my own).

What amazes me…

…that the kitten is still alive.

Despite being shoved into baby strollers, pink plastic grocery carts, toy ovens, and having the pee literally scared out of it… Ryder (which is the name Gideon gave him, Ryder John to be exact) is doing well and thriving.

In the sewing room…

are happy festive flags for the much anticipated wedding!

What I learned…

Did you know you don’t use your elbows to crochet?  It’s true.  They aren’t involved.  The first time Stephanie tried to teach me to crochet my elbows kept getting in the way.  She watched me; perplexed and amused.  She kindly suggested letting my wrists and crochet hook do the work instead of my shoulders and elbows.  We went for attempt number two last week, and I managed to crochet all by myself!  It’s a pillowcase for Eliza, and its not finished but I have made great strides! Stephanie said she was proud of me, and was relieved because she had run out of ways to explain it to me.

A lot was at stake really.  It has long been our plan to grow old together. To sit around and crochet, and solve the world’s problems.  Our future together is safe now… unless she starts forwarding mass emails to me about inspirational stories and talking animals that walk into bars…  that’s a deal breaker.  She understands this.

What I’ve been reading…

The boys and I have been reading “On the Banks of Plum Creek”.  I remembered as a girl, my mom reading this book to me.  I remembered how fascinated I was with the little dugout house, on the banks of the creek with Morning Glories growing around the door, and how I wished I could be Laura.  It’s such a treat to read it to my boys.

What puzzles me exceedingly~

Little man here won’t wear shorts and t-shirts anymore.  Every morning he insists on donning long-leaved shirts, jeans, or sweatpants.  There are times I put my foot down.  Just yesterday we had the, “no you can’t wear sweatpants to church” talk.  It didn’t go over well, but in the end we got in the car with his slacks on.  On a daily basis though… it’s just not a hill I want to die on.  There are battles I will fight. Every time.  Ungrateful hearts?  I’m gonna win that one.  Being cruel or hurtful?  I’m not backing down.  Wearing flannel pants in August?  Nope.  I’ve got better things to do.

I am thankful for…

… apples on my table.  A handpicked gift from Mom and Dad W.  Sweet and crunchy.  A reminder that we are loved.

And this week’s award for “Best Bedhead” goes to Gideon!!

You are totally rocking this look kid.

Useless fact you never needed to know about me” #2 – I never stand still while I’m brushing my teeth.

Okay it’s your turn.  Fill in the blank “Useless fact you never needed to know about me _________”.

Thanks for putting up with my funk ;)   April

26 thoughts on “Monday August 22, 2011

  1. appalolly

    SOO funny!! I also never stand still while brushing my teeth. My husband looks at me like I am totally crazy.

    Sorry you are in a funk…I know how that can be sometimes.  Hope it gets better soon!

  2. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    i think your funk is still a good thing…any old time you post, i’m tickled to come over!
    useless fact about me? hmm….let’s go with ‘one of my bottom teeth is stained yellow from a fever when i was a baby’. and the only reason i know this? so well? my brothers always, always remind me. ;O)
    have a good rest of your week April!

  3. fruitloops115

    such pretty pics. and funk? i’m in one more often then I’m not. One time I looked back over my posts, the year my daughter was born, just to read what went on that year, and I posted only a few times, sometimes skipping months….so, it happens to the best of us Not saying i’m the best, oh no.
    Laura Ingall books? Yes, I cannot wait to read those to my kids, such great classics! 
    Your crocheting looks very pretty. No elbows needed, huh? Might have to give it a go one day.

  4. redladybug18

    It’s amazing what those kittens will live though being with kids all the time.  By the time their grown up though, their usually the best good natured cat ever!
    Great job on the crocheting!  It’s looking good!
    I love the Laura Ingalls books!  I remember reading them the first time when I could barely even read.  I don’t know how many times I’ve read them since but I still love them!  I think they might be my favorite children’s books ever.
    As for useless fact about me….I don’t like ice in my drinks.

  5. sewscrapsing

    Useless fact: I thoughtlessly run the water when I’m getting ready to wash my face, even in the summer when I don’t care if it’s cold.  =)  Beautiful pictures!

  6. Lucy_or_Ethel

    Lovely post. Your pictures are great. Anyone who moves their elbow while crocheting would naturally not stand still while brushing their teeth LOL  Useless fact about me: Most facts about me are useless LOL

  7. richlyblest

    I am so impressed that you learned to crochet. My grandma tried to teach me, and I truly wanted to learn, but I could never get past the chain stitch. Apparently that is one of my handicaps, because my some of my sisters learned. Oh well.

    A totally useless fact about me? I hate washing dishes. I would like cooking better if I wouldn’t have to do so many extra dishes afterward.

  8. grace_to_be

    i LIKED this “funky blog” ;)

    hmm.. useless fact? which to pick, there’s so many…
    whenever i order a blt sandwich i take off the lettuce and tomato –
    i don’t like to eat it all TOGETHER, but i like the flavor the lettuce & tomato give the bread!

    wait.did you say useless or WEIRD fact??? ;)

  9. skittler335

    Those apples look exceedingly nummy! It’s so fun to see your gardening progress out where you live. Here in MN we are a few weeks behind you…but I know the days of making apple sauce are coming!

    I cannot wait until Kylie and little girl #2 are old enough for me to read them the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, I adored them as a child.

    Gideon’s bedhead is awesome! Also I don’t think I fully realized how much he and Eliza looked alike till this photo. Do you think they look alike?

    Useless fact you never needed to know about me: After pregnancy I developed a slight cow-lick on the left side of my hair as my “new” hair came in…which forced me to switch which side my hair parted on. To this day, I am still adjusting to this oddness.

  10. inanorchard

    @redladybug18 - Fortunately the kitten is very laid back :)   I love the Little House on the Prairie books too.  I have so many good childhood memories that involve those books.  So why no ice in your drinks?  Not even iced-tea?

    @Lucy_or_Ethel - You crack me up!  I think the two are connected ;)  

    @richlyblest -  In a just and fair world, the person who makes the meal wouldn’t be the person who cleans up.  I think that should be the rule :)   I HATE mopping my floor!  It takes so much work and I never feel like it’s truly clean.  You know what mean?

    @WakeUpLaughing - A sleeping nest! That is sheer brilliance!  I’m going to steal my husband’s pillow tonight and make my own nest :)

  11. inanorchard

    @WildWomanOfTheWest - I’m not exactly sure what Ryder John is.  He’s a mutt.  Can cats be mutts?  I think there must be a little Siamese in him.  I would love to see a picture of your copper toes! 

    @mellibella - I wander all over the house!  I usually start in my bathroom and end up in the kids bathroom :)

    @grace_to_be - I do the EXACT same thing with my In and Out burger!  It’s all about the juices!  That’s not weird it’s that way BLT’s should be eaten.

    @ABAHM - Thanks Jenny :)   A bug bit on your tummy?  Man that is the worst!  You can’t scratch it real good without looking like a hillbilly ;)

    @skittler335 - Okay you win the award for “Best useless Fact” :)    You make applesauce?  Do you can it or freeze it?  I’ve never made applesauce but I’ve always wanted to.  The homemade stuff is so good!  Plus you can control how much sugar gets put in.  I think you’re right about Gideon and Eliza.  They do look a lot a like!

  12. skittler335

    @inanorchard - Yay! I like winning!  My mother in law is the real applesauce expert. I’m just the assistant.  Yes, we do freeze the applesauce. We save our sour cream and cream cheese containers from the year, double wash them and freeze the applesauce in them. It works pretty slick!

  13. lifeisadance

    Goodness, you blogging when you’re in a funk is much better than most people on their best day. :) I liked all these random things about you. But I especially liked the part about picking battles. I’m SO THERE with you. There are certain things about my children that I will fight every time. And then other things, like outfits that totally don’t match (a big thing around here) is just not worth the effort because you know, it really doesn’t matter. But I have to remind myself often about what really DOES matter. :) And Laura Ingalls Wilder books! I cannot wait until Zoe is old enough to be read to…. I have the best memories of Mom reading those to me!

    Useless fact…. I count telephone poles with my fingers and it drives me nuts when it doesn’t end on either my thumb or my pinkie. So wierd, I know.

  14. mytoesareblue

    i loved this post…though i am sad that you are in a funk. :(

    i loved learning these things about you. the useless infor about me: hum…I like to pluck the hair off my legs with tweezers, its something that i randomly started when i got ingrowns and then just keep doing. i know its a bit icky.

    i LOVE the Laura Ingells Wilder books. oh my goodness. i totally wanted to be a western explorer and live on the prairies!

    love the flags for the upcoming wedding!!!

  15. mlbncsga

    our grandson doesn’t want to take his shirt off – ever …. he goes into hysterics if you should happen to give him a cookie that isn’t perfectly round … and washing or brushing his hair is like pulling teeth – yesterday he went to daycare after he used pepper gravy as hair gel he’s 23 months…I pick my battles but mostly loose anyway

    “Useless fact you never needed to know about me:
    I do things in odd numbers – for example -  I cook three pork chops when I only need two, I have three dogs, I would drink one beer but if I wanted more I would have to drink three…that’s not always a good thing  though …. have a great weekend….I liked your post from today, words weren’t necessary!

  16. inanorchard

    @mlbncsga - I’m laughing right now!  Picturing a little boy coated in pepper gravy :)   Oh my!  I can’t decide if children keep me young or make me old

    I do things in odd numbers too!  Even numbers seem so lonely and unbalanced.


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