Tuesday August 28, 2007

Even though I feel the hot sun on my shoulders, I know it’s coming.  I see it out of the corner of my eye.  Autumn is coming.  The yellow birch leaves are dotting the green grass on the back lawn, long shadows are coming earlier in the evening, almonds are on the ground, and a golden haze has settled on the fields.  I also find myself reaching for my James Taylor C.D.s.  For some reason I always listen to James Taylor, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Rich Mullins in the fall.  In the spring it’s a solid diet of Ella Fitzgerald and in the Summer; Reckless Kelly and The Jayhawks.  I’m not sure how this system evolved over the years but it’s become almost a seasonal compulsion; like the migration of birds or the rotation of the planets.

It has been the month of Birthdays for our family.  Between our two families we celebrated 8 birthdays this month.  My oldest son now thinks that birthdays are a weekly event much like going to church on Sunday. 

Between all of the celebrating we’ve had a few small changes.  Baby boy has started to crawl!  It’s not pretty or fast but it is all four arms and legs moving in a forward direction.  

Just a few pictures from the week before-

The boys kicked back, relaxing at Gavin’s Birthday
The leftover balloons from the party have been a big hit at our house.


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