Wednesday August 10, 2011

For the last 4 or 5 days I’ve hardly picked up my camera.  August is shaping up to be another busy month.  School is starting and it can’t come too quick for a certain 1st grader.  Every morning I am greeted by the same question, “Now how many days till school starts Mom?”  The school supplies have been purchased and carefully placed in his new backpack, and he is already negotiating with me about school wardrobes.  I’m starting to see the benefits of a school uniform ;)

But we haven’t given up on summer yet!

No, not yet.  It’s still pools, sunscreen, and push-up pops for us.  We have another couple of months of hot weather ahead of us.  Although, I must say I can hardly remember a more pleasant, mild summer.  While the rest of the country is experiencing record setting heat, our little valley has been unseasonably cool.

The garden is finished for the year.  I love the cycles of the seasons.  That familiar rhythm that brings renewal to the soul.  Saying “farewell for now” to the joys of summer, while eagerly looking forward to the coming of autumn… like the return of an old friend.  

These are the last of the summer flowers.  I made a few arrangements for our back-to-school BBQ.  My friend loaned me her beautiful set of enamel pitchers, and now I am thinking my life won’t be complete without a line of colored enamel pitchers in my kitchen

I know it’s Wednesday and once again I don’t have any “crafty” creative fun to show you.  Sorry! Other projects that have been on the back burner are needing to be taken care of.  I have big plans for some home improvement projects, but we will see how they progress with three busy little people running under my feet.  I’m afraid that “Show & Tell Wednesdays” might be on hold for a little while.  But don’t worry, it’s only temporary!

That being said, I didn’t want to leave you completely high and dry so… 

Mom W.  went to a garage sale this past weekend and picked up some lovely vintage pieces for me.  She got this hand sewn Grandma’s Garden quilt for me.  It is so beautiful!

But it’s badly worn in quite a few places so using it as a quilt is not an option.  This beauty wouldn’t make it through the washer, and any quilt that lives in my house needs to be able to be washed… regularly!  I think I might cut a large section out of it, and frame it in a large picture frame; then use the scraps to make some throw pillows.

She also found this vintage tablecloth.  I love the pattern and it’s in excellent condition!  I might just use it as a tablecloth but I am SO tempted to cut it up and make pillows for my new red Adirondack rocking chairs.  We shall see!

This was the little project I was trying to finish in time for this Wednesday, but it is still sitting on my sewing desk unfinished.

I’m planing on doing a rustic stitch around each of the children’s handprints and embroidering their names and the the date at the bottom.  I was inspired to try a project with the kids hands when I found this post on Feeling Stitchy ~

{photo via DetroitMommy and Feeling Stitchy}
I love this idea for a “Family Portrait”.  I also had plans on making one of these as well but time got away from me.

What would you do if your three children found an abandoned 3 week-old kitten in the woodpile behind your house?  What would you do as you looked at three sets of imploring little eyes, and listen to the pathetic cries of tiny baby kitten?  Would you save yourself the trouble of hand-feeding and caring for said kitten only to have it die on you?  Or would you throw caution to the wind, go against your better judgement, and be the fool that rescues the kitty?

Well, call me a fool then…

I’m just hoping and praying I can keep it healthy until it’s old enough to feed it’s self!
More on our kitty-rescuing adventure later.  Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go save the kitten from a relentlessly affectionate toddler

27 thoughts on “Wednesday August 10, 2011

  1. Donna7

    I think pillow covers out of the quilt scraps would be a great idea. I’d also love to see them when you make them up. :)

    The little hand prints idea is going to be a wonderful keepsake as well. Did you make the fabric out of scraps of clothes of each of your children? Kinda like the memory quilt idea. :)

    Best wishes on the little kitty! Bless your soul for loving it.

  2. H0LDfast

    really. we have kittens we could have given you with the bonus being they feed themselves & are used to affectionate toddlers : )
    (if only i would have thought of hiding them in your wood pile for jude to find …..)
    the pitchers are great. want to hear about last night. i haven’t even tried calling … in case you were wondering. but i have great plans to call!
    love you ~

  3. purpleamethyst76

    Wait, what’s all this craftiness?  Loving it over here….great ideas, April!

    And Grace would just LOVE finding such a cute kitten.  She’s really wanting one these days.

    It’s Wednesday already?!?!  ;O

  4. cazmatazz

    Absolutely love the enameled pitchers, so pretty :)   As for the kitten – of course you have to go for it! Do you think you’ll keep him? Time to add “vet” to the never ending list of things to do!

  5. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    SUCH great finds on the quilt and tablecloth! i love when you find things like that at yard sales/flea markets, but i can never understand how someone could give up a treasure like that… but, at the same time, i’m glad they do for the sake of my fancy! ;O)

    what would i do with the kitten situation…that would be tough. but, you know, it’s a good opportunity for life lessons. such as ‘the things we really love and want to see flourish take lots of care and time’ ? maybe that’s grasping, but i remember lessons like that with caring for baby animals when i was a child…..

    good to see you on here, and ENJOY the rest of the summer vaca!!

  6. Richgem

    I LOVE vintage quilts, LOVE enamelware, LOVE any kind of pitcher, LOVE stitched things, especially vintage (those hands are great!) and LOVE that teeny tiny, itty bitty kitty!  As for the weather…it is pretty warm, a bit breezy with a few clouds and glaring at those clouds is a very bright sun. We, too have 2 more months of hot, summery weather. Then, by mid Oct. it’s Indian summer. Then we get a blast of winter. And that’s that for the weather.

  7. WildWomanOfTheWest

    I would have to beg my oldest adult daughter to take it to her place, to save it from the doberman.

    You have all sorts of sweet today, I look forward to see what your creative self does with the quilts and tablecloth!

  8. Iloveaholiday

    I love the quilts and tablecloth.  I know whatever you make out of them will be beautiful. So glad you’re enjoying every minute of summer.  Making memories with your children is a wonderful thing. 

  9. SpazzyMommy

    What an awesome find at a yardsale….can’t imagine someone parting with a quilt!!! Enjoy the rest of your nice summer….we’ve finally got relief from torrid temps this past week.
    Your craftiness is amazing and makes me struggle with envy for the first time in my life. *LOL* Just teasing! :) ))) 
    Your always an inspiration! :)

  10. lifeisadance

    Ooooh, those enamal pitchers are beautiful! And loaded with flowers… just perfection!

    Oooh, that quilt is beautiful! And the tablecloth!! Goodness, what finds you find. :) I just love that idea of the hands as well… How adorable is that, to see all the size variations! And so many different things you can do with it!

    Bless your heart for letting your kids rescue that kitty. :) I’m not a huge animal lover, but little animals can kinda melt me. I hope it survives!

  11. manuelmusings

    Bethany is jealous; she wants to come bottle feed your kitty!  What a girl. My mom has a tablecloth just like yours and we still use it periodically on the kids table when we’re all together. 

  12. ABAHM

    Lovely bouquets and enamelware!  My zinnias look great, but never grew tall for cute flowers Silly things.

    Oh, I really like those great finds!  How blessed are you!  I would say I have a “thing” for vintage table clothes AND for grandmother’s garden quilts.  I thought, “of course you have to use the table cloth as it is, it is so pretty”, but then I read “red Adirondack rocking chairs” , and I could just picture them with that darling material on the cushions…quite the dilemma.  I have been using my hand stitched  grandmother’s garden quilt, that was made by my great grand, rather guiltily this summer on my bed.  Guiltily because it is old, beautiful, and hand made, but it is so beautiful and makes me happy to see it!  I look every once in a while at ones for sale online.  I could easily collect quilts, and this style is my favorite. Love the idea of a piece of it framed!

    Sweet idea with the hands!  Oh, and precious kitty.  Hoping you can raise it successfully.

  13. appalolly

    I would probably let my kids keep the kitten…if they begged. Otherwise, I would take it to the Humane Society. I could not just let it out there to die, that’s for sure.

    I really enjoy your “Wednesday” posts.  I will miss them.  I think it is cool that your MIL (I guess it was) picks up little things for you that she finds and knows you might like.  That’s such a nice gesture.

    I was envious of the sentence where you said “A couple more months of warm weather.”  I think maybe I need to move somewhere warmer!!

  14. inanorchard

    @Donna7 -  The fabric I used for the handprints was just some reproduction fabric I had on my shelf, but I love the idea of using old articles of clothing!  Great idea!  Thanks for the well wishes on the kitty :)   So far so good!

    @H0LDfast - That’s so funny that you said that Alli.  When I told mom that we found an abandoned kitten on the property she asked “Are you sure your brother didn’t secretly leave it there?”

    @TrentTribe -  You should do it!  But wait until you have a tiny hand print to add :)

    @cazmatazz - Yes!  I think I need to be getting the kitty in soon!  He’s doing really good so far.  Aren’t those pitchers great?  I really think I need some :)   How are you feeling?

    @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - I know what you mean Rachel, I was thinking we might be getting some real-life, hands on lessons about life and loss, around our house.  I’m really not that brave when it comes to sadness with the children but I do my best not to let on :)   Fortunately the kitty seems to be doing great!

  15. inanorchard

    @Richgem - Your seasons sound about like ours. We get a brief summer and spring but it’s mostly hot, hot summers and gray foggy winters.   Aren’t those vintages pieces great?!  I feel like my mother-in-law handed me a treasure :)  

    @WildWomanOfTheWest - I wish I had a good excuse to pass the kitten along to someone else!   Unfortunately my brain froze at the sight of those dewy hopeful eyes… man I’m such a sucker.  How you feeling my dear?

    @lifeisadance - I had the hardest time giving those enamel pitchers back to my friend!  They looked so perfect stuffed with flowers from the garden!  I feel like I hit the vintage jackpot this week.  My mother-in-law found those for me and they only cost a couple of dollars! Can you believe that?!

  16. inanorchard

    @manuelmusings - I thought about Bethany when we found him.  I thought, “I wonder if Bethany wants a new kitten?”  

    @ABAHM - I know what you mean about the tablecloth!  It’s in such good shape, and I don’t make a habit of cutting up things that can still be used for their original purpose…but… they would look so cute as pillow on my new chars :)   I’ll probably just use it as a tablecloth for now.  I think you should use your great grandmother’s quilt if you can!  They don’t do anyone any good locked up in a closet :)   I’m sure it’s not getting too much abuse on your bed.

    @MartinTreehouse - Thank you!  I really enjoy doing the show & tell Wednesdays and hopefully I can get back to doing them soon :)

    @appalolly - I love that you thought of my mother-in-law Audrey!  Yes, she is a great MIL, couldn’t ask for a better one :)

    Yeah, leaving the kitten wasn’t an option but keeping it wouldn’t have been my first choice :)   The kids are having a great time with him and they’ve helped take care of him too.

    @armnatmom -  Jude likes to be the one who feeds the kitten :)   The corn field is our neighbors.  It’s actually silage for the cows.  It gets so very tall towards the end of the summer.

  17. ThreeSilkStockings

    Well call me a fool multiple times over….can’t even remember how many cats I have had that have wandered into the yard over the years and stayed. (Currently have six!) My mom rescued a whole litter of infant kittens a few years back….must be where I get it from!

  18. redladybug18

    I love the “family portrait” idea!  You could even make it easy by just doing it with sharpie though I know it wouldn’t be as cute. You could even do it with fabric paint and go around each person’s hand :)  
    Aw, such a cute kitty!  If she lives through the toddler I’m sure she’ll make a great cat! :)   One thing I have learned, those toddlers wear the kittens out and you don’t have to worry about the kitten tearing things up or damaging things…she’ll just be trying to get in her sleep every chance she’s left alone :)


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