Thursday August 4, 2011

It seems to me that over the years @WildWomanOfTheWest has done her fair share of entertaining us mangy varmints. And since a massive amount of dental work has temporarily dampened her most excellent mo-jo, I thought I would send her a little, “I’m-sorry-you’re-on-drugs” pick me up.

The prettiest flowers from the garden in my best turquoise vases

And because everyone loves a good dentist joke~
I’m pretty sure dentists actually do this when they put you under.

Get feeling better T

What do you say fellow mangy varmints; shall we entertain our favorite Wild Woman?

Those who have joined in~
@jamekablue with some gorgeous pictures and a sweet poem.
@opticalnoise summoned her artistic skills which are… unforgettable ;)
@Grannys_Place posted some beautiful bright blooms.

PS~ If you do a post to cheer up our girl, let me know and I’ll link up.  Thanks!

23 thoughts on “Thursday August 4, 2011

  1. f5ye_angel5

    Sometimes I just want to yell at my dentists for asking me questions while working in my mouth. If I accidentally answer and blood squirts out, i’m suing her @$$.

  2. inanorchard

    @celebration_of_life - Well, they weren’t supposed to be a variety pack ;)   The children mixed several zinnia packets together in a bowl.  I wish I knew exactly which was which because I love some of the varieties and I want to plant them again next year.

    I saw your tomato stand up the other day!  Very nice looking tomatoes :)


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