Wednesday May 19, 2010

We took a fun weekend trip up North to see my Grandma.  It was her birthday and she had not yet met the two youngest members of our clan.  We enjoyed ourselves and as always Kent and Grandma were wonderful hosts who made us feel at home and showered the children with loves, cupcakes, and gifts.

During our stay we visited Glass Beach which is a rocky beach were there used to be some sort of garbage incinerator.  Now the only thing that is left are the thousands and thousands of bits of glass that tumble around in the waves and wash up on shore.  The children had fun looking for treasures and climbing rocks.

I am convinced that it is important for children to do things (especially boys) where there is some element of risk involved.  Otherwise they miss out on that feel of exhilaration and achievement.  

Not the most toddler friendly beach we’ve ever been to but she still had fun!

My parents towed their small trailer up with them and camped out instead of getting a hotel room.  On Saturday night they invited the boys to sleep over with them and they were SO excited.  My dad got Gideon to sleep by telling him stories about the adventures of: “A boy Named Gideon and his Dog Charlie”.  After ever story ended Gideon would whisper, “One more story Grandpa!”  and Grandpa would say, “Okay Gideon… just one more…”

My husband and I were excited about the sleep over too!  We knew Eliza was dead tired so we got some Ben & Jerry’s and planned on a movie and icecream night after she fell asleep.  But Eliza had other ideas~

She wanted to stay up and eat icecream with Mom and Dad!

We took some group pictures on Sunday before we left~

Great family picture don’t you think!?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!

Dad and Grandma

On the way home we stopped and had a picnic lunch in the Redwoods.

She was very content to sit in the middle of everything and munch on everyone’s lunch.

Regan had a very cozy spot for her lunch!

Sometimes it’s the pictures that you don’t get the really stick with you.  I peeked up over the edge of one those great hollowed out redwood stumps, and saw Gideon and Benny sitting inside (knees pulled up to their chins), swapping stories about “When I was little…”

On the way home we had the brilliant idea to stop off at Ikea to pick up some furniture and storage containers.  By the time we walked out (several hours later) we both had that “Never AGAIN!” look on our faces.  Monday night the furniture was assembled.

He takes great pride in helping his Daddy.

And this is what the little ones did~

Tonight I just needed some space.  I wanted to sit without being asked any questions and without having three children flopped all over me.  I don’t sit down a lot during the day, but when I do my children seem to think that I have run out of things to do.  So in turn, they immediately begin to think up more things for me to do.  I mentioned (in a very tense tone) that I would like some time by myself.  Twenty minutes later I found them like this~

All of them huddled around Jude’s new desk making art work for me.  Silly me for feeling sorry for myself.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday May 19, 2010

  1. H0LDfast

    1st – i totally agree with you about boys & thrills
    2nd – i would fire that photographer who took your family pictures
    3rd – that picture of benny & gid is adorable
    4th – so is eliza in every picture she’s in
    5th – we stopped right by ikea too – we should have met up again
    6th – maybe not … : ) we were enough of a zoo on our own!
    7th – do you have a purse i could borrow … something to go with that great coat that didn’t fit you & is bigger… ??
    8th – i think your great & i like your posts

  2. inanorchard

    We were probably at Ikea at the same time and just didn’t know it, we stayed until closing time.

    I’m pretty sure I can’t hold the photographer responsible for my uncooperative children

    I have a medium sized cream purse and a darling little bird egg blue purse.  You are welcome to anything in my closet!  I’m very happy you have “my” breezy yellow trench coat… I couldn’t have parted with it to anyone else.  Besides it looked so much better on you!


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