Sunday May 9, 2010

The weather has been so unreliable this past month.  Sitting here listening to the wind and watching the gray clouds fill the sky; it’s hard for me to believe we started the week with warm sunshine.

We bought a new rotating sprinkler for watering the garden but Jude had other plans for it.  Monday after lunch I set it up in the front yard for the boys to have some fun in…

… and boy did they ever!

I needed to pot up some flowers I had bought for the front porch, so I put Eliza’s shoes on and we went outside with the boys.  I didn’t bother putting a bathing suit on her because I really thought she would mostly hover around the edges of the sprinkle.

You would think I would know my own daughter better than that by now~

Straight for the epicenter.

Yes Auntie Alli, that is her brand new birthday dress she is running through the mud and water in.  Needless to say it got a good long soak in Oxyclean.

The boys at this point, abandoned the sprinkler, stripped down to their undies and jumped on the trampoline.

I like those eyes.  It doesn’t seem fair that a little boy should get such thick, dark, lovely eyelashes.

Eliza decided to conquer the porch steps.

She is such a funny girl.  As a rule, if she is awake; she is on the move.  The one exception to that rule is the 15 minutes after she wakes up in the morning or from her nap.

All she wants to do is snuggle.

I love this time of the morning.  The boys never snuggled with me unless they were very, very ill, and snuggle time was always interrupted by “throw-up-time”.   I am soaking up all the morning love I can get because I know it is slipping… slipping away.

Post snuggle time; waiting for her toast to pop up.

Love this picture!  He helped me clean the bathrooms on Thursday.  No I mean it… he really did help!  He is so diligent and faithful with the tasks he is given, and is usually very cheerful about doing them as well.  He mostly likes to be doing whatever I am doing; I think that’s pretty special too.

Just a little peek at what I have been working on.  Recently, some of my blog reading led me to this fun blog, which in turn sparked my interest in trying my hand at some embroidery.  So I dipped into my mom’s wonderful collection of threads and started yet another project   Eventually, this will be a purse.

I have a big juicy post on some of my sewing projects brewing on the back burner, but I need a few more pictures of the finished products before I’m ready to post!

We celebrated a big Birthday on Friday!

But more on that later.

For now I am going to enjoy what is left of my wonderfully relaxing Mother’s Day.  A wonderful Mother’s Day that included: pancakes for breakfast, hugs and kisses, Chinese food for lunch, new backpacking equipment (for my inaugural backpacking trip, coming up at the end of June) and a restful nap time!

3 thoughts on “Sunday May 9, 2010

  1. manuelmusings

    Some day your boys will be mortified that there are pictures of them running around outside in their underwear.  Modesty seems to set in at around age 8.  Eliza reminds me so much of Bethany — always needed to keep up with the boys.

  2. inanorchard

    @manuelmusings - If Eliza turns out as wonderfully as Bethany, I will be extremely pleased!  I had second thoughts about posting the trampoline shots but I figured embarrassing one’s child was a well earned perk of parenthood 

  3. H0LDfast

    i think the buttons on the dress were supposed to go in the front : )

    and even though i don’t, at all, sew i’m looking forward to you project post.


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