Saturday February 27, 2010

Someday he will embarrass her.  He will make her mad; tease her until she cries.  And when she comes crying to me, begging me to give him up for adoption, denying that they are at all related~

I will offer up these pictures as proof of a time when she adored him.


You always think that you won’t ever forget.  The funny thing they said in the car, the time they…. (fill in the blank).  The way they mispronounce words, the touching conversations you overhear, so many things I want to remember, but I know I won’t.  That is the main reason I have tried to stay faithful about posting on my Xanga site.  It is the most convenient way for me to keep a journal of their childhood.  I write about the things I want to remember.  I’m just trying to keep all of these childhood memories from slipping through my fingers.

This morning was one of those “I want to remember this” type of events.  All three of them were playing nicely in the boys bedroom so I decided to take advantage of the peaceful playing and take a quick shower.  I got out quickly but as I was getting dressed I heard Jude come screaming through the house yelling MOM! MOM!  I soon discovered that he had been stung by a wasp that was buzzing around the window in his bedroom.  I calmed him down, examined the sting, and gave him some ice and Tylenol.  Suddenly I hear Gideon yell “NO LIZA!  Get away!!”  I sprint to the bedroom just in time to see Gideon (arms wrapped around Eliza’s chest), dragging her away from the wasp she was just about to grab.  He dumps her on the ground and stands in between her and the frantic wasp.  “Mom!” he says, “I save Eliza from the bad wasp!”  I must confess; I was pretty much bursting with pride.  We made a big deal out of Gideon’s heroics and a little later as he was sitting on the couch by Jude (who was still trying to milk a little more sympathy out of his injury), he says very seriously, “I sorry Jude.  I should have saved you too!”

I just love that boy!

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