Tuesday February 23, 2010

The rain will not stop.  We are home today.  Partly because of the rain, and because 3 out of the 6 little ears in our house have infections.  I am very thankful for “pink bubble gum” medicine!

The contrast of the bright cheerful daffodils against the gray wet window caught my eye.  So I carried around my camera and took pictures of other bright spots on this dreary February day.

This made me smile!

Rainy days are good for blanket tents.

And picnic lunches in the blanket tents.

A treasure box full of wonderful buttons were dropped off at my house on Sunday, thanks to my sweet sister-in-law who rescued it from the “discard pile”.  I am anxious to start playing with them.

Over the last month I have accumulated some fun new patterns and fabric, so I decided to declare the month of March (drum roll please) … SEWING MONTH!!!  I am smiling as I type this, because I know full well that what I declare and what actually happens are often not the same!

That being said; I am determined to make Eliza’s Birthday dress.  I’ve never tackled anything more complicated than an A-line skirt so I’m a little apprehensive but my mom assures me it is well within my abilities.   We shall see!

More fun fabric!  A purse or maybe a summer skirt?

Products of “staying up too late watching the Olympics”

.:My new favorite clip:.

5:10pm is always a real bright spot in my day…

…and I didn’t take a picture of it but, the meat and gravy that is slow cooking in my oven is smelling so good!

Tonight~ more Olympics and… maybe a small bowl of ice-cream.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday February 23, 2010

  1. manuelmusings

    Maybe if I declared March a “sewing month” then I might actually get some sewing done.  I have the cabinet open and projects hanging from it but life seems to get in the way on a daily basis.  I hope you’re much more successful than I have been!


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