Thursday February 11, 2010

The daylight is lasting longer these days.  I like that.

Normally I already have supper in the oven when he gets home, but tonight I decided to wait.  The boys had been playing outside most of the morning but Eliza and I were feeling a little cagey, so I decided an evening walk was what we needed.


Daddy came home, I set the table, put the enchiladas in the oven and we all headed out the door.

These are the flowers Jude picked for me 30 seconds into our walk.  I told him I would leave them here (where they would be safe) and get them on the way back.  He made sure to remind me as we returned home

I never get tired of taking walks with them.  It helps me remember how good my life is.  There’s just something about being outside; it takes my mind of the little things that clutter my thoughts.

I can’t wait to take this same walk in a few weeks from now.  Is there anything prettier that almond blossom season?

I love orchards in the winter… or pretty much any time of the year.

We came home with pink cheeks, cold fingers, to warm bubbly enchiladas waiting for us… and dessert!

  Diet?  What diet?


Miss Eliza enjoyed her cupcake!

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