Friday February 5, 2010

We have taken our annual trip to Pajaro Dunes for 5 years now.  It really does feel like a second home to the children.  Four days of playing on the beach, waking up each morning and running to find Grandma and Grandpa, sand, sun, and lots of yummy food.

We usually take one day trip while we stay at the beach, this year we took the kids to the Dennis the Menace park in Monterey. 

This big red rolling slide was a hit.

Eliza liked it too.  The slide is not very comfortable if you weigh more than 40 lbs.

This is what group photos look like.  There is just no possible way to get them to all look at the camera and smile at the same time.  What this photo lacks in presentation it makes up for in authenticity!

Of course the main attraction is always the beach.

She’s not exactly sure what all that is, but she’s headed straight for it!

“Oh wait, a rock!  I must suck on it.”

Uncle Elliot a.k.a “the cool uncle”.

She LOVED the beach.

The only disappointment was that Jared and I didn’t get to build a sand castle this year.

Both of the boys hated the sand when they were babies.  Not this girl!  She dug in it, threw it, pressed her little toes into it, and ate a ton of it!

A bad case of “whale tail”

We always laugh at the kids when “leaving day” finally arrives.  They look so stunned.  They assume that this is their new home, and that life will now and forever consist of playing on the beach, waking up every morning to cousins running through the house, and going on field trips.  We smile and laugh at them, but in our hearts we feel the same way.

3 thoughts on “Friday February 5, 2010

  1. PolkaDotAlot

    So glad your weekend was lovely…and it looks like you had lots of sunshine!  I am jealous of your time at “that” house (we love it too) but I am happy you guys got to go and enjoy! :)   Fun to see your pics…that particular beach place always gives me warm fuzzy feelings! :)  

  2. inanorchard

    @slmret - I was looking at your pictures of the beach after the big storms, looks like you lost a lot of sand down south too.  At Pajaro so much of the beach had eroded that high tide covered the beach.  Normally there’s plenty of sand even at high tide.


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