Monday January 2, 2012

January is perfect.  So full of possibilities.  Dark branches reaching up to the pale blue sky.  Cozy fire-lit nights.  Completely unflattering but oh-so comfy flannel nightgowns.  A chance to begin again, to remember, and reflect.  Babies with red noses in brightly colored stocking caps.  A time to simplify.  To push back all the noise, glitter, clutter, and flash of the holidays and just be still…

We are off to a good start.

The year started off the way every year should~

A delicious candle lit meal with our oldest and dearest friends.

Ringing in the New Year with sparklers (we celebrated our new year on east coast time )…

… and sparkling apple cider in plastic “fancy cups”, because we’re fancy that way.

But the past week hasn’t been all parties and fun.  We’ve been working too.

We spent the better part of the week cleaning and organizing.  The boys room was in desperate need.

These are some of the before pictures.  We had already begun assembling the new furniture when I thought to take pictures so none of these are true “before pictures”, but I wanted you to get some sense of what their room was like before the changes.

I shudder to think of the things I pulled out from under their beds.

We removed the large brown bookshelf and replaced it with several sets of white cubbies.  I like the clean streamlined look and the small cubbies help toys and books stay better organized (that’s the theory anyway).

We bought tote boxes for the bottom self for putting matchbox cars, plastic animals, and blocks in.  Each boy has his own tote for storing their special items and valuable trinkets.

We also bought some silver painted peg board to go above Jude’s desk.  It still needs to be hung up but I thought it would be a great place for storing scissors, tools, flash lights, tape, staplers… all the little things that seem to be so easily lost.  I find myself wandering into their room and just standing in the middle of it with a happy look on my face :)

The sewing room got a much needed sprucing up too.

I didn’t take any before pictures of my fabric cupboards.  Just imagine, instead of neatly stacked boxes of color coordinated fabric, a tangled up heap of crumpled, disorganized material.  Not pretty!

This is much better.

Look what I found under the Christmas tree!  I set it in it’s rightful place and the whole sewing room looked happier.  I can’t wait to start using it!  Part of my motivation for getting the rest of the house in order is so I can have some guilt free sewing time.  I have a stack of patterns I am eager to dive into and my new serger is going to make those projects so much easier.

A little bit of sewing happened over the holidays.

I made these little dolly diapers for Eliza’s dolls.  I found the link to this pattern on a wonderful sewing blog called Probable Actually.  It is my new favorite blog.  Do I say “new favorite” a lot?  I spend an hour scrolling through all of Gail’s back posts.  You really should check it out!

Did I mention another one of my favorite winter evening activities?  Sitting in a comfy chair, near the fire with an embroidery needle in my hand an hoop in my lap.

How’s your year going?


31 thoughts on “Monday January 2, 2012

  1. pettybunch

    What a wonderful Christmas present!  My plan is to get organized this year – and it may take all year – but we’ve had a slow start to our year due to illness!  Looking forward to getting started, and you are part of my inspiration. Love your boys room!  Have a blessed year!!

  2. Carsonsmom2

    We did a severe cleaning of the boy’s room…whew! What is it about boys and their rooms!?  I need the fabric organizing going on over here…maybe that’ll be my next project. :)   Happy New Year!

  3. wj3km

    Doesn’t it feel sooo wonderful to get a room organized!!  I love the glass jar with the lego men in it.  Also think I saw one in the black wire basket in your sewing room.

    All three of our kids are in one small room which also serves as the toy room :(  Very disastrous! I might try to clean and organize it somehow after the kids go back to school – but all three got sick today :( so who knows if they’ll make it to school tomorrow.  
    Happy Monday, Happy New Year and Happy sewing :)

  4. Elizabethmarie_1

    I love your new cubbies! It looks so organized.
    We have been spending lots of time cleaning these past few days….it feels so good to get things accomplished.

    Happy Sewing! Can’t wait to see your results. =)

  5. YouToMe

    Happy new year! I love the new cubbies, the probable actually site! The cute dresser, dear little signs of activity in the kids room.

    I think embroidering by the fire sounds wonderful :)

    Glad you enjoyed your new year’s,April :)

    I’m doing well here. Busy month ahead, but had a glorious time with my daughter, and some lovely memories made with nephews and niece, father and sister/brother in law.


  6. Richgem

    I’m so excited about what you found under your Christmas tree1 I love to clean and reorganize after the first of the year. So far, I haven’t been able to get around to it but boy, oh, boy, when I do, watch out everybody! Furniture will be flying!

  7. Richgem

    P.S.  Boys rooms are a challenge. I still dread looking in my red-haired boy’s room. At least he finally stopped leaving plastic water bottles of pee laying around. (Too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom). I know…that is comPLETEly disgusting. The GOOD thing is, when he cleans his room, he does a pretty fair job.

  8. cazmatazz

    It all looks beautiful! Definitely a good start to the year! I started to organize the boys’ room here, such a challenge! Maybe I’ll give it another go this week lol.

  9. Lucy_or_Ethel

    You have a great beginning for this new year! Love the pictures.
    My goal for the year is to be as healthy as I can be and to be as positive and optimistic as possible 24/7.

  10. sailing5

    The sewing room looks sooo fun! ALL your fabric all in the right colored bins!! The doll diapers are so cute and your new serger, that will be fun too! I used one once where I baby sat when I was 15, I went home and told my mom “I’m buying me a serger” AND I DID! Makes sewing so much fun!

  11. SpazzyMommy

    AGAIN- you’ve inspired me. I doubt I redecorate, assemble cabinets, organize closets or sew…..but hey, making my bed would be a great start!!!! 

    I love the cubicles in your boys room! I looked at some at Target for my girls…..we bought all new bedding, curtains and deco as their main Christmas present this year. ;) We still have to paint the wall and hang some of the wall hanging things…….and your “finished” pic of your kiddos room has inspired me to get with it. :)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

  12. down_onthefarm

    you make steak the way i love it!
    seared on the outside but still waaaaay pink in the middle.
    delicious! says The Beef Cattle Farmer’s Wife.

    you also post the way i like it too. :)
    always something cozy. comfortable. inspiring.

    happy new year my friend!

  13. lifeisadance

     oh, it looks like the organizing bug has bit you too! :) wow, the boys’ room looks amazing!! i just love that cubbies – not only does it look fantastic, but it’s also extremely practical. that’s a combination that seems to be difficult to find in children’s room! great job!

    and i’ll be looking forward to all the projects that come out of that sewing room in the future. those little diapers are too cute. i bought some (!!) for zoe last summer for a few dollars a piece, thinking i could surely make them, WHY am i buying??  your precious little prints are so fun too! i’m sure aliza is thrilled!

    so fun to be back on your blog again. :)
    happy new year to you!

  14. Cluesy

    love how you described January and all your organizing!  love those cubicles and the idea for a jar for all those extra little lego parts. those dolly diapers are too cute!
    What a great start for the New Year!

  15. redladybug18

    I used to do embroidery a lot growing up.  Haven’t touched it in ages though. 
    The boys room looks amazing!  I love the new look and I hope your theory hold true :) January seems to be the month to get things back in order and organized.  I’ve been doing a bit of it as well.

  16. appalolly

    I am beyond frustrated with how QUICKLY my kids rooms get messy.  I don’t know if it is lack of organizing containers or if it is a lack of them learning to put stuff BACK where they got it. I kind of think it is the latter.

    I can totally understand why you would stand in the boys’ room and smile. Organization makes me SO happy. Almost giddy.  And about the “new favorite” thing…I think that is totally fine and normal and even healthy. To have things that you are currently excited about. It is what keeps us having something to look forward to, I think.

    And that steak…Jeremy would eat it but no way would I.  I need mine to be WELL done! Jeremy says I get all the flavor cooked out of it, but I respectfully disagree.

  17. ABAHM

    The boys room looks great!  Yes, I remember those under the bed and dresser days.  I actually found a dead, and thankfully dried up, Lizard under the dresser in one of those clean up moments…ugh. Love all the bins and cubbies.  I wandered around Pottery barn kids the other day…only excuse is I am a grandma.  It was fun to see all the cute ideas and cubbies there too.
    We are still all decorated for Christmas as we celebrate the 12 days after…and our tree is still fresh!  But I agree that afterwards is so inspiring to clear out a bit and clean up.  Looking forward to seeing the projects you make with that wonderful present!

  18. purpleamethyst76

    What a beautiful post!  I am also organizing here at home. It’s such a good feeling to get something ship-shape, isn’t it? 

    I love how you enjoy handiwork, it’s very inspiring.  Also, your header is beautiful! 

    Happy New Year!

  19. H0LDfast

    hi. hello. how are you? happy new year.
    i’m gonna go against the grain here & say i think girls rooms are worse than boys : )
    regan is quite possessive of her little dolly diapers – big hit.
    really like the boys room with the cubbies & shelves!!
    love you.

  20. baileyandme

    man, your organization makes me weak in the knees. i wish i could see your sewing room ‘in real’ it looks like a really fun place. dolly diapers. how cool. the boys room- well, i don`t have boys… but i love that cubicle!!!

  21. inanorchard

    @pettybunch - I would love to get the whole house organized too.  Why does that feel like the impossible task?  I get one part of the house put in order, and the rest falls apart :)   Hope your new year is full of joy!

    @Carsonsmom2 - Aren’t boys rooms gross?!  I found a rotten apple under Gideon’s bed.  Yuck!  It feels so good to have it done, doesn’t it?  If only it would last longer than a month ;)

    @wj3km - Sorry the kiddos are sick!  What a bummer to get sick during Christmas vacations :(   I hope they have recovered.  Three kids in one room would be a huge organizational challenge!  No matter how organized you might try to be it gets undone so fast.

    @Elizabethmarie_1 - I really does feel so good to get things in order.  And you know what I noticed?  The boys are playing so much better, now that the room is put together in a way that they can easily get to their things.  So far I’m really pleased with the cubbies.

    @YouToMe - Sounds like your holidays were wonderful!  I’m so glad :)   Making memories with family is what it’s all about. 

  22. inanorchard

    @bethro78 - HA!  I survived but barely!  Seriously.  It was bad.

    @Richgem - Fortunately I didn’t find any bottles of pee :)   But I did find a lot of stinky socks and food!  I don’t let them each in their rooms but someone has been sneaking all kinds of food into the room.  I found wads of chewed up bubble gum too

    @cazmatazz - I feels like such a huge hurdle doesn’t it?  But it’s worth it in the end.  Like I was saying, they boys are playing so nicely in their room even since we cleaned it up.  Totally worth the effort!  You can do it girl :)

    @Lucy_or_Ethel - I love your new year’s resolutions!  Really.  It’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, having a positive thought life.  It’s so crucial to all aspects of life.  I hope you are able to have a happy healthy new year :)

  23. inanorchard

    @Xbeautifully_broken_downX - Thanks!  I like them too.  It’s always so nice to find something that’s good looking and practical!  It so rarely happens ;)

    @sailing5 - I’m glad to hear you like your serger!  I was pretty sure I wanted one but I wondered if they were worth the money.  I think I’m going to love mine!  What kind to you have?

    @SpazzyMommy -   Ha!  I’m so bad about making my bed.  I hope you post pictures of the bedroom make over!  I want to see!! I’m getting ready to turn Eliza’s room into a “big girl room” (aka no crib or changing table) and I’m looking for inspiration.  Have a happy new year Cass!

    @down_onthefarm -  I must admit.  When we first got married I was a “i’ll take my steak well done please” kind of a girl.  But Justin has slowly broadened my steak horizons and now I like mine nice and pink.  I didn’t know your husband was a cattleman!?  Awesome!  I like learning new things about you Cindy :)   Did I tell you how much I loved your Christmas card?  No?  I did.  You have a gorgeous family!!

  24. inanorchard

    @lifeisadance - Organizing is happening but it’s all I can do to stay out of the sewing room!  My mom’s watching the kids on Friday so I might get to get some time with my sewing machine.  It’s good to have you back Clarita!  You have been missed!!

    @Cluesy - That little jar of lego men is one of my favorite things in their newly cleaned room :)   How silly is that?! 

    @redladybug18 - I didn’t know you embroidered?!  I don’t do it as often as I would like.  Did you have time off during the holidays?

    @appalolly -  Giddy, yes that’s it!  That’s exactly how I feel.  Why does it feel so good to throw things out?  Your very kind Audrey :) Thanks for the encouragement!

    @ABAHM - A dried up lizard!!??  That is so funny :)   I can just imagine the look on your face   I love Potter Barn’s organizers and children’s bedrooms!  They are lovely, but a little out of my price range ;)   A girl can dream!

    @H0LDfast - Hey you.  I heard lots of fun things are happening at your house too.  I need to stop in and take a peek :)   I’m happy Regan liked her diapers.  Love you lots :)

    @purpleamethyst76 - Thanks Shanda!  It does feel so good!  I just need to keep my momentum up.  I usually start strong and then slack off too soon.  I am loving all you cozy wintery posts!!

    @baileyandme - Jenny!!  Your organizing is amazing!  Not only do you organize but you have all these cool vintage things to organize with.  I love your creativity :)   So inspirational!

  25. ABAHM

    @inanorchard - definitely a girl can dream kinda place…pottery barn that is.  I enjoy the inspiration and style of certain things they do.  I think their catalogs, for free, are better than lots of magazines.  I just looked at their super duper warehouse sale and stuff was still too expensive ;-(  

  26. redladybug18

    @inanorchard - well I’m kinda figuring that out :)   I’m still teaching piano but I’m starting a job today managing a new art studio ( so I’ll be doing the classes and such.  The owner is moving out of state and will be only coming back once a month.
    I’m also doing erratic babysitting jobs here and there.  So that’s the plan so far :)


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