A Boy and his Boots

Their happy yellow faces caught my eye that day in Target.  The rainy season was about to start and J needed some good boots.  Why not yellow giraffe boots?  He would have put them on right there in the middle of the store if I had let him, but I held him off until we got home.

We laughed at him as he gave those boots a spin around the kitchen the very first time.  He looked like the Tin Man in need of some oil.  By the end of the day though, he was speeding around the house in them, with a wild grin on his little face.

For an entire year, they were the only thing he wanted to wear.

Walks in the orchard, trips to the grocery store…

Playing the mud

They weren’t just rain boots they were snow boots, work boots, baseball boots…

Washing your little car boots.

He even wore them to church a time or two.  I can still see him in my mind’s eye.  Trailing 3 steps behind me as we walk down the center aisle at church.  He’s all spiffed up in his Sunday best, save for the tattered giraffe boots peeking out from under his khaki slacks.  People smiled and pointed as we found our seat in the second row, he was pleased as punch.

Fall and winter passed but the boots stayed.
{note the sign~ it had been a hard day}

The temperatures soared into the 100′s but the sandals and flip-flops were always passed over for the boots.  He wore them with shorts, he wore them with nothing but his undies on running through the house like a wild banshee.

And then the sad day finally came.  When try as he might, his feet just wouldn’t squeeze into them anymore.

The bright colors had faded, the ears and tails had long fallen off.  A rip in the side let the water come in when he splashed in puddles.  There was only one thing left to do.  They had been too loved to pass on, so they took their rightful place of honor, in the small tub marked “J’s Baby Clothes”.  They rest there with all the other precious items that mark J’s earliest days.

Someday when I am old I will pull them out and marvel that his feet were ever that small.  And I will remember the days when life was all about, toy cars, red wagons, picture books, bath times,…

… and yellow giraffe boots.

34 thoughts on “A Boy and his Boots

  1. ehrinn_l

    what i LOVE about this is…. you value them as much as he does… and are willing to save them for the memories they will someday bring back… rather than throwing them away because they are ratty from love. 

  2. lifeisadance

    Awww, that is SO sweet. :) I love the “free to good home” sign! Ha ha! Don’t we all feel like that some days?! And I love that you allowed him to wear the boots to church. You’re a good mother. A very good mother. :)

  3. bethro78

    Aww. I’m not supposed to cry at 2:03 pm. It’s just not right.

    Elijah has a pair of khaki pants with red stitching that have a little fire truck on them. He calls them his firetruck pants and he wears them regardless of season or weather. They are about to be too small. I’m so sad for him about that.

  4. ABAHM

    aww, this is the best.  A tribute to the boots and the little boy wearing them.  They grow so fast.  Boots are just the best for little boys…we had a few in love with rain boots and cowboy boots.  So worth every penny.

  5. skittler335

    Call me a mush, but I totally teared up at the end. This is a very sweet post. You have documented your children’s young lives so well with your camera, and I know they will treasure all of these pictures when they are older. 

    P.S. That “Free to Good Home” picture made me grin from ear to ear!

  6. Elizabethmarie_1

    Guilt has overwhelmed me…..about two months ago, I tossed away those SAME tattered giraffe boots. Purshased at Target three years ago in the spring….because I was so excited, giraffes are my favorite. 
    The right boot had a hole in the bottom, a missing ear…and they too were worn to church a time or two, only with a dress. ;)

    What a cute, cute post. =)

  7. fourkidsonemom

    Sweet post. My Nicholas had these tiny little blue rubber boots with cowboys on them and he would wear them everywhere with everything. They’re tucked away in a box – I couldn’t get rid of them

  8. inanorchard

    @WildWomanOfTheWest - Yes they did.  They were faithful little boots :)

    @appalolly - Some mornings you just have to say “I’m not going to die on that hill”  ;)

    @ehrinn_l - I could not bring myself to throw them away, they are so much more than just boots.

    @lifeisadance - Thank you my dear :)

    @bethro78 -  Don’t you love it when they get attached to little things like that?  So sweet!

    @ABAHM - There was a time in my life when I didn’t believe people when they said “They grow up so fast.”  But I really do believe them now… they are growing up so fast!

    @skittler335 - Well if you mush then I am too because I was a little teary eyed by the end of the post myself!  How silly is that?!

    @jamekablue - There are days I contemplated putting them on the side of the road with that sign… just kidding :)   I did think about leaving them on their grandma’s doorsteps, ringing the door bell and running away.

    @fruitloops115 - I agree.  I’m a sucker for a kid in rain boots.  Gets to me every time!

    @Roadkill_Spatula - Very true.  It’s amazing to me how things can come to represent stages in our lives that shape us and define us.  Thank you for stopping by :)

    @turningreen - Little boys are amazing aren’t they?!  I’m just crazy about mine :)

    @fourkidsonemom - Gideon had the cutest pair of cowboy boots that he wore all the time.  I was planning on saving his but the dog chewed them up.  I was so mad at that dog!!  I’m glad you saved the boots :)

    @Elizabethmarie_1 - Oh Elizabeth!  The only thing cuter than yellow giraffe boots, is yellow giraffe boots under a dress!  I’m smiling just thinking about it :)

    @misslei11 - Thank you!  You are so very kind :)

    @misswildflower - Thanks!  I’m so pleased you enjoyed my little story!

    @Btrfly_Wngs - I wish!  I would totally wear them…

    @grammarboy - They are great boots!  Grown up boots are nearly that much fun.

    @brrraaaiiins - Thank you!  Thanks for stopping by :)

  9. pettybunch

    I came on Jenny’s (ABAHM) rec, and was so glad I did.  My hubby & I were on the way back from Louisiana, and since he has mobile internet I was able to read this aloud to him.  We enjoyed it so much, and yes, our tears flowed as well!  Our children are grown, but we have so many memories like this.  Our oldest daughter had a skirt she wore until it was just a rag.  Our son LOVED wearing his baseball pants, and did so just about 24/7 until he was 13!  Enjoy these times, and keep journaling them – they fly away with the speed of light!  It truly seems like just yesterday we were right where you are!

  10. bamsniko22407

    Such a sweet and beautiful post! 

    They certainly grow up way too fast!  I’m glad you kept them and I’m sure they will be a lovely and wonderful memory when the day comes to pull them out and wander back to yesteryear!!!!


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