Wednesday June 1, 2011

You’ve seen the title of the post.  I gave you fare warning, it’s not too late to turn back if you can’t stomach  the mushiness.

My firstborn is no longer in kindergarten and it has me feeling very sentimental.

This is a picture of Jude and Lizzy on their first day of kindergarten…

…and this is a picture of them on their last day.

If you are interested in the story behind these pictures you can read about it here.

Things I want to remember about Jude’s Kindergarten year:

~ I want to remember that “I love you Mrs. Boone” was one of the first sentences he learned to write.  It’s significant to me because I love Mrs. Boone too.  She is so much more than Jude’s teacher.  She is a dear friend who I love and respect.  She is family to me and I am so grateful for the influence and impact she has had on Jude’s young life.

~ I want to remember what Jude said to me the last day of school after I gave him my best “I-know-it’s-the-last-day-of-school-but-please-behave-yourself” speech.  He glanced over his shoulder as he hopped out of the van and said, “You don’t have to worry about me mom.  I always do a good job at school.”

~ I want to remember what Mrs. Boone said to me when I sheepishly asked her if she wouldn’t mind just moving up grades with Jude, and being his teacher until he’s 18.  She laughed and said, “Oh April.  I think he would out grow me.  I think we would outgrow each other.”  That was her very kind way of reminding me that Jude is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing… growing up.  And while there are times, when I am holding him in my lap, when I feel that familiar lump in my throat, and my heart whispers, “Please don’t grow up on me.”  I know that is not what I really want.  I want him to grow up big and strong.  I want him to “out grow” me.

This is Mrs. Boone getting ready to hand Jude his diploma, and wouldn’t you know it my camera battery died at this very moment.

Speaking of things I want to remember…

This guy right here… so many things I want to remember about this boy who has the power to melt my heart.

“Mom.  Mom Jude says that there’s no such thing as treasure.  But I find treasure all the time!  See?!”

He does find treasure everywhere, because he has the eyes to see it.  He sees the special in the ordinary.  He loves to be praised but always dips his head bashfully and gets real quiet when you compliment him.

I am continually delighted and amused by the outfits he chooses to wear into town with me.  He has been know to wear batting helmets to the dollar store,  Zorro masks and flashlights to Target, and then there was this ensemble he wore the other day to Trader Joe’s… a train engineer hat with his sixshooter and red sandals.

He doesn’t do it to be silly or stand out, in fact it’s quite the opposite.  He chooses his gear very thoughtfully and seriously.  He is usually puzzled and a little embarrassed if I act amused or try to take a picture of him (which is why I was sneaking these shots of him while he was distracted by the tiki hut).  I’m just crazy about that boy!

We tried a new recipe last week.  It was the first official morning of summer break and regular old cereal just didn’t sound special enough.

We had some leftover berries from dinner so I decided to make baked oatmeal with berries.

It was a simple recipe, but it takes about 25 minutes to bake so you have to plan ahead a bit.

If you are interested in trying it you can find the recipe here.

It was a big hit in our house!

For our Memorial Day weekend we went camping in the redwoods with some people we’re pretty crazy about .  I’m hoping to post pictures later on this week but if you want to see some pictures of our crazy, wonderful, wet weekend you can check them out on Alli’s blog.

I know it’s Wednesday and I’m supposed to be doing a creative type Show & Tell Wednesday post, but I was longing for a plain ole’ everyday-life-kind-of-post.  That, and the only thing I have to show for this week is the growing stack of unfinished projects sitting on my desk.

Last but not least…. Houston we have grass!
  <cue Hallelujah Chorus>

Ah, that joke never gets old!

 It does?  Oh.  Duly noted.

12 thoughts on “Wednesday June 1, 2011

  1. ABAHM

    Yay for grass, and for mush!  I can still remember those sweet love moments for my little men, and they are all so big now and hold me!  It is all good.  Hearing my big, manly 27 year old lead us in worship on the guitar tonight, really belting it out, made this mother’s heart melt too. 

  2. nov_way

    Such wonderful moments to keep. I’m glad you made this everyday-kind-of-life post; delightful, indeed. And nope, it doesn’t @the joke. =)

  3. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    nothing silly-ish about a sentimental post like this in my opinion! i love how you’ve written these little things you want to remember….these days do go past like a blur.
    baked oatmeal? with berries? o, we Love that around here! yours looks especially good too with strawberries!
    and, i’m so glad for your grass!! and, call me cheesy, but the joke’s not old on me yet either! ;O)
    happy wednesday!!!

  4. JsSteph7

    Ha Ha! You’re so funny. And the hallelujah chorus did automatically play in my head.  Jude is one handsome little man. No wonder he melts your heart! Congratulations to him for finishing Kindergarten! That’s a pretty big milestone! I’m right there with ya on wishing the kids would stop growing up but knowing that I really do want them to.

    I think I’m ok with sentimental today. Yeah, I am.

  5. lifeisadance

    I, for one, would be ECSTATIC about grass!! We have a front yard, with very straggly grass, mostly weeds, and the whole thing needs to be tilled and re-seeded and well-loved. This year, with us going to Colorado in the fall, we opted to save the money until probably next year. But – all that to say – I can see why you’re excited!! It looks SO lush and perfect to lay in on your back and watch the clouds floating by. :)

    And I understand your sentimental feelings to a certain extent. I don’t have a child in kindergarten, but I am a softy when it comes to change and my kids growing up! I can definity identify with those feelings in other people!! :)

  6. mytoesareblue

    love it all. your jude sounds like such a treasure…as do each of your dear kids ;) love the 1st and last day of school pics..such a subtle but obvious changes in the kids. love it. so glad that you have those memories.. my first grade teacher was amazing, my parents stll talk about her to this day. its always those people who make a difference in your life that really impact both the kids and parents.

  7. inanorchard

    @ABAHM - How wonderful to see your boys grow into Godly men, that is what I am striving hard for right now.  I am loving the grass so much I won’t even complain about mowing it this summer… much ;)

    @nov_way - It is nice to get back to everyday life moments and it is always nice to see you!

    @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - I’m a big fan of cheesy jokes myself!  The days really are going by so quickly, I know that sounds lame but I feel like I’m always trying to slow things down a bit.  Trying to remember and notice, but you know exactly how that goes :)

    @JsSteph7 - I’m glad you fine with sentimental because you got a big ole dose of it ;)   Hey, I thought of you the other day when I picked lettuce from the garden.

    @lifeisadance - You’re going to CO this fall?  That sounds like fun!  It’s been years since I was in CO.  What’s the special occasion?

    @mytoesareblue - You are so right Janel.  Those early years really do shape a child and I couldn’t be happier with the people how are in my children’s lives.  From family, to pastors, to school, Awanas, and Sunday school… my kids have a great community around them and I am so thankful!

  8. Elizabethmarie_1

    I have ALWAYS wanted to see Red Wood trees!  It is on our list of things to do sometime in our lives! Please oh please post pictures!!!!!  I saw the camping pictures on Alli’s blog and I told my husband…I bet the are by Red Woods, and you were!

    Love baked oatmeal with berries…we eat it all the time!  My oldest made a pan of it for us with peaches, that was really good too.

    Your kids are so cute. =)

  9. JsSteph7

    Yay for lettuce! I’ve been picking me a big ole head every day because it’s going to seed. It sure is yummy. Pretty healthy to be eating it all the time too. :D What other things do you have growing?

  10. appalolly

    I loved what Jude’s teacher said to you. Such wisdom in her words!

    Also, that baked oatmeal looks absolutely wonderful! I may have to try that with my kids. Maybe it would stick to their ribs just a bit longer than the cereal they normally have.  I wonder if they would eat it? Hmm…guess I can’t find out unless I try, can I?

    I was not one bit sentimental about my children growing up until the last year or a little more. Now I’m getting a little sappy. Just a little. Not a lot.


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