Sunday May 29, 2011

Continuing with Seedsowers color posts, the featured color is  Pink! I know I’m a day behind but I really wanted to do this post

I am having so much fun with these posts!  It’s been interesting to scroll through old photos looking for specific colors, it’s a different way to look at pictures.

These are all my own photos.  Some I have posted in years past but a few of them have never made it onto my blog.

If you haven’t stopped by Beth’s site you should.  She has put links up to the different Xanga bloggers who are taking apart in the color posts.  What’s neat about these posts are, while the color theme is the same, the geographical locations and personalities of the bloggers really show through.  Thank you to each person who came by an left such kind comments on my “red post”.  I hastily put it up as I was leaving town for the weekend and got the nicest surprise when I came home

Anyway, enough prattling… enjoy the pictures!

26 thoughts on “Sunday May 29, 2011

  1. jamekablue

    A favorite? How could I possibly pick a fav? That little angel and her pink kitchen, oh but wait… crepe paper flowers! And then that sweet baby sitting in the chair. Oh my. And your orchard cosmos! How could we live without cosmos. :) And that pink shoe! I could go on all day… I love these. You’re neat. :)

  2. sailing5

    I just LOVED your blog! Your pictures, your sewing ideas and your color theme photos! Hope you don’t mind me following your site! Kim

  3. lifeisadance

    Oooh, this is soooo pretty! So many different variations and textures – shoes to flowers to cakes to shirts… Just SO pretty! Love the creativity here! This sounds like so much fun – to do a color theme!

  4. inanorchard

    @windupherskirt - Seriously… who could resist zinnias and pink rain boots?   Thanks so much for the kind compliment!  I never know what I’m doing when I take a picture.  I mostly just say “OOoo, that’s pretty.”, and I point and shoot.  Sometimes I get lucky.

    @armnatmom - Thanks for stopping by!  I’m pleased you like the pictures… loved Beth’s ideas!

    @jamekablue - Awww, right back attcha’

    @lifeisadance - I would love to see you do a color post Clarita… you are a color genius!  I mean that.  I marvel at the color combinations and presentations I see in your pictures.  Tuesday’s theme is turquoise and I think you could knock that one out of the park!

    @song_of_praise - Thank you so much!  Aren’t those petunias beautiful?!  I love how they cascade down the steps, I would love to try that someday.

    @under_the_carpet - Thanks!  The pink kitchen was one of my personal favorites too :)   I’m pretty fond of the girly in the pink boots ;)

    @TexasTidbits - You’re welcome   And thank you!

  5. inanorchard

    @reed44 - Thanks!  I love those pink converse, I’m really bummed they’re too little for my daughter’s feet.  Thank you so much for stopping by.

    @sailing5 - I’m so pleased you like what you see!  I’m always happy to have new visitors :)

  6. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    oh, i LOVE this idea so much!! can you just go to her sight and link up, or???

    so many great pictures you have here too!! i think the one with the pink boots is my favorite…but, they are all so fun, it’s hard to choose!
    hope your holiday weekend is a great one!

  7. inanorchard

    @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - I think the way it works is, you do your color post, and if you send Beth a message she will include a link to your post on her color post (does that make any sense?).  I would love to see what you come up with Rachel, since you are 5 times a better photographer than I am… I mean that sincerely and I forbid you to contradict me   Tomorrow’s theme is rainbow/primary colors and Tuesday is turquoise.  Enjoy your evening my friend!

  8. mytoesareblue

    did you guys go camping this weekend with h0ldfast? cause it soooo looked like you and your kids…i was like, WAIT a minute, especially your little lady ;) thanks for sharing this beautiful pinkness with us. i love the interesting shots you’ve got.

  9. mytoesareblue

    ohhh you know what would be mind blowing…if you, Rachel and Clarita did a post together ;) oh my goodness…the beauty and amazingness would blow minds ;) so excited to see if they also do the color challenges, i agree with you that they would also do a great job, but your work is also great ;) !!

    i have to say that the flowers just hovering in the orchard blew my MIND!!! but then your little lady is so adorable (i just cant’ get over her sweet face and the funny expressions she makes) also made my top list. the onesie though is gorgeous and had me thinking…maybe i should add some decoration to my shirt like that ;) perhaps this summer will be one of crafty projects inspired by the show and tell wednesdays ;l) excited to see the colors of the next posts.

  10. seedsower

    WOW! First off thanks for the kind words,I too,love seeing all the post from all over and thru someone else’s eye!
    I love the all pink sink pic! The row of blooming trees and the cosmos in the row between the trees,I love the light and level of that photo and the pink chuck,well, who can resist a chubby leg in a chuck?

  11. inanorchard

    @mytoesareblue - You are too, too sweet!  You’re idea about a combo post between Rachel and Clarita and I is very interesting!  I might have to give that one a whirl :)   Hope you are doing well!  Have a great week my dear :)

  12. ABAHM

    I love seeing you follow these color posts.  You photos are so fun and full of life.  Love your little one sporting the pink rain boots and creating in her kitchen.  Also the cosmos down the lane between the trees, and the pink budding trees.

  13. inanorchard

    @ABAHM - I have been having so much fun doing and following these color posts :)   I don’t usually recommend that many posts and I was little worried I might be pushing the limits   I’m happy to know you’ve been enjoying them too!  I was just wondering, are you going to be able to see Malachi this summer?  I

  14. appalolly

    The one that made me stop and stare was where you took a picture of the flowers growing between the rows of trees. The angle of that and I don’t know what all just really caught me. Also, the DEEP DEEP pink of those flowers, whose names I do not know.  (No, I do not have a green thumb! But I love to LOOK at flowers!)

    The rain boots and pamper combo while working at the kitchen, maybe I should try that look myself.    Ha, ha.


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