Thursday May 26, 2011

Beth over at Seedsower is doing some fun color posts.  Today’s theme is red.  So I scrolled through my own photos and found these~

If your interested in taking part yourself, you can check out the line up on Beth’s latest post “Painting This Town Red”.  Although Beth (if you’re reading this) I didn’t see my favorite color in the line up…


36 thoughts on “Thursday May 26, 2011

  1. skittler335

    Such a lovely collection of photos! How long did it take you to compile them all? Your little E is so darling. I also love the strawberry on a chair, the white hyacinth and that beautiful 4th of July headband. I want to do this…but I have millions of photos I would need to go through, well figuratively speaking any way. 

  2. seedsower

    The headband and strawberry on the chair,the white lilacs in the red bucket, the first pic and that adorable little heart purse….I love ‘em,this is fun to see all the color photos grouped together!

  3. lifeisadance

    That is SO cute! I especially love the whimsy of the strawberry on the little chair, and the candies spilling out of the purse, among them all! What a fun idea!

  4. jamekablue

    I really enjoy your photos. Every. Single. Time! That child with the red dress ~ just perfect. My favs are the first one,the tractor, the tattered flag, and that ladybug! Yay! Oh, and that little embroidered alien. I like him too. :)

    Uh, I guess they’re all my favorites….. giggling……

  5. appalolly

    Those pictures were SO fun to look through.

    Red is MY favorite color!! Love, love it! I could have it everywhere around me. In my house, in my clothing, in my vehicle, in my hair, in my children’s clothing…you name it.

    Red just screams SUMMER to me and I love summer too!  You are a Great photographer!!

  6. fruitloops115

    I was going to be the first to say I LOVE the little red strawberry on the little chair, but it looks to me like it was a favorite of others as well. I like this post. It inspires me…might have to give this idea  a go sometime…then I’d have something to post about

  7. twofus_1

    So cool!  I always enjoy posts of this type.  I thought about checking my own files to see what it would look like if I did the same, but was kind of intimidated thinking about how blah-ish they would look next to yours.  (kind of joking, kind of serious)  I love the first one, and the strawberry on the chair, the valentine, and the bucket of flowers, and especially the embroidery. :)


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