Monday May 16, 2011

I know it sounds trite.

I know I’m not any different than any other person.

But life is busy right now.  The sun eases it’s way into my bedroom each morning and before I know it I am laying my tired head on my pillow long after the sun has made it’s exit.  The weeks are ticking by and the calendar pages keep on turning.  So I am taking the time to pause, to pay attention, to not let every busy second slip through my fingers.  That’s what I like about blogging…

Jude’s Birthday was so pleasant and low-key this year.  Jude loves big parties with lots of people and lots of action but we decided it was time to simplify birthdays.  Not make them any less special… just simpler.

I made dirt and worms cupcakes.  But now that Jude is 6 he no longer thinks that gummy worms are the bee’s knees, so I made just one with worms for Gideon.

I asked him what he wanted for his special birthday dinner.  His answer: berries, pancakes, and sausage.  No problem!  I even splurged for a couple of small cartons of blackberries.  They are not in season yet so they were a little pricey but Jude was so thankful!

He had a couple of his classmates over to play for the afternoon.

Daddy making a special “J” pancake for the birthday boy.

The grandparents came by after dinner for presents and cupcakes.

It was the perfect day.  I love that he is so easy to please right now.

These are the flowers Justin brought home Saturday night, along with a wedge of brie cheese, a crusty baguette, some apricot preserves, and honey (yum!).

Aren’t “no-particular-reason” flowers, the best kind of flowers?

The ladybugs are loving our garden and the boys love finding them.  This is the two of them asking for a jar for their ladybugs.  I think every spare jar and Tupperware box I own is scattered about the garden and the grass.  I have nothing to put my leftovers in!

She woke up early from nap today.  I admit, at first I was peeved.  But she looked so darn cute sitting on my bed eating an apple and watching old Donald Duck cartoons… I just couldn’t stay peeved for long.

It’s another jam packed week so I am off running!  See back here on Wednesday :)


22 thoughts on “Monday May 16, 2011

  1. celebration_of_life

    You’re so right about simple birthdays being no less special!

    …no way was anyone cleaning up Evan’s face lest his cute whale fall prey to the wash cloth! By the end of the day he was quite the dirty mess! So thanks…he loved it!!! (and Kate loved her flowers!)

  2. JsSteph7

    What a cute birthday party. : ) Love the pancakes for a birthday dinner! Yum.

    Your house is just so pretty! Love the little glimpses of it. : )

    Life is flying by for you too, huh? Today was far too cram packed and gone too soon. I had a little one wake up too soon and I wasn’t too happy either. : ( Glad tomorrow is a brand new day.

  3. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    such a fun birthday for your little guy! and that little Eliza…yep. too cute for anything!!
    totally get the life is so busy thing..and the reason for loving blogging. this quote: ‘“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection” says it well, don’t you think?
    happy week to you!

  4. ErinLynae

    Oh you have a Gideon too! How old is your Gideon? Ours is 8 :) And if my youngest Ruby was a boy she would have been Judah. So I like you name choices. The cupcakes look wonderful! And you have an adorable house. I have a bouquet of flowers on my table also but just lilacs from off our bush. They make the whole house smell wonderful! My 5 year old Ruby loves your yellow pitcher. She wanted me to tell you. :)

  5. rugbana

    The berries looked berry delicious.  How cool is dad?  The “J” pancake was awesome.  I miss occasional flowers/chocolate…how do I drop that hint to my husband?  

  6. inanorchard

    @periwinklecurls - Thanks Theresa!  And thank you for the package you sent down the other day!  Love the fun sewing ads and the clothes for Eliza… are so thoughtful!

    @celebration_of_life - I’m glad Even liked his whale :)   It was a fun morning, I only wish I had a little more time to visit with you!  There were so many people I wanted to say hi to but face painting is an all consuming job ;)   The boys talked about Kate winning the fundraising price all the way home.  They were VERY impressed!

    @opheliamber - No I did not make it, but I LOVE it!  It’s a second hand dress I purchased from a friend who was cleaning out her daughter’s closet.  I got a bunch of beautiful dressed for Eliza and they were all around $3.00 each.

    @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - That is a great quote!  I’ve been thinking about you lots, wondering how things are in your corner of the world :)   Hope your week is off to a good start!

    @TrentTribe - Thanks!  Letter pancakes are Justin’s specialty :)   The kids are always so impressed!

    @ErinLynae - Yes we have a Gideon!  We just loved the name.  He’s 4 years old.  I’m jealous of you lilacs :)   Mine lilacs and sweet peas have all come and gone, but I do love the way they make the house smell.  I have cosmos, zinnias, and cutting sunflowers planted for the summer but they don’t make the house smell nice.  Please tell Ruby thank you for me :)   Love the name Ruby!

    @rugbana - Maybe you should have your husband read this post

  7. H0LDfast

    i love how he loves berries.
    right at this exact second i would eat more than one of those cupcakes.
    i have no idea what you’re talking about when you say you were upset over a child waking up early from a nap … no idea ….
    we have good men, rex brought home tulips the other day on a whim.
    that’s about it, i guess.
    we’ll be calling soon with next weekends plans!

  8. ABAHM

    Looks like a great birthday celebration for Jude.  Love “for no special reason flowers”!  Of course I like flowers any time at all!  We usually had pancakes for dinner rather than breakfast, and my kids loved them.  The J pancake is cute,as are all you sweet faces.

  9. jamekablue

    Your life looks wonderful and your family looks deliriously happy. I see why you couldn’t stay peeved at that beautiful girl child. :) What a sweetheart! And those berries…. makes me hungry for breakfast! Thank you for sharing.

  10. SpazzyMommy

    What a sweet, sweet life you’re living. ;) Thank you for sharing glimpses of your homelife with us! And you’re right….how could you possibly stay peeved at such a cutie pie??? :) )) <3


  11. inanorchard

    @ABAHM - I love breakfast for dinner!  Jude gets that from me :)   How’s that sweet grandson doing these days?

    @jamekablue - Thank you!  I have been tremendously blessed.   The kids are always happy when they are getting cupcakes and presents… picking up their rooms… not so much so.

    @SpazzyMommy - Hey Cass!  Always a pleasure to have you stop in :)   It is hard to stay peeved with that girl… a fact that she is becoming aware of so I think I need to be practicing my poker face

    @H0LDfast - Tulips!  Rex has excellent taste in flowers!  We are all getting excited about the trip.  We’d love to see your faces by the campfire but totally understand if Iron Chef wins out

  12. redladybug18

    Sometimes the simple parties can be the most fun and I love breakfast for dinner ;)   Maybe b/c it’s the fact I don’t get around to making special stuff for breakfast.  Usually I just have simple stuff like toast and yogurt. 
     man, you’ve got the cutest girl ever, love that last picture!

  13. lifeisadance

    Such a sweet post! We keep birthdays pretty simple around here too, and I love it like that. Instead of a big party, we decided to do something special on each child’s birthday. Of course there will be a time for parties now and then, but not every year. But every year there will be something special and memories made!

    That last picture is completely adorable!!

    Oh, and love your surprise gifts over the weekend. Those are definitely the best kind ever! :)

    @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - love that quote! So very well said, and great perspective!

  14. ABAHM

    @inanorchard - I always felt like I was getting away with something serving pancakes for dinner…but the family looked at it as a big treat!  My sweet grandson is thriving and so cute.  I put some pics up on my latest post…he is getting all round and pudgy.

  15. skittler335

    What a fun birthday! In my family we always got pancakes on our birthday morning and we’ve carried that tradition on in our little home. That “J” pancake is awesome, way to go dad! Also, just from the few shots I saw…your home is SO beautiful. You should do a “home tour” post some time.  I think it would be inspirational to others!

  16. inanorchard

    @skittler335 - Pancakes and Birthdays just seem to got together don’t they?   I should do a tour of my home… if I did it right now you would see breakfast dishes on the table, crayons on the floor, beds unmade, p.j’s littering the couch, and a baby doll stroller parked in the kitchen   I like my house.  It’s very homey, but it’s not Better Homes and Gardens that’s for sure! 

    Hey, thanks for sending people my way, you’re a peach!


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