Tuesday May 3, 2011

We’ll call this edition of Show & Tell Wednesday ~  The Quilt {part 1}

My bedroom is a bit drab.

It’s neat and tidy (mostly) but very uninspiring.  Right now I have a lot of browns, creams, and blacks going on in there.  It has a mixed-matched feel to it, and not in a good way.  Not an eclectic, interesting kind of mix match, just a thoughtless thrown together look.  But no longer!!  It is time for action!  Time to throw off the shackles of dullness and humdrum, and embrace COLOR! (wow that was unnecessarily dramatic)

Commencing phase 1 of  “Operation Bedroom Spruce-up”:  Make a new quilt for the bed.

I started searching some quilting blogs for inspiration and came across this gem~

{photo courtesy of Film in the Frig}  A little plug for Film In the Frig~ totally cool site; you should check it out (seriously. go right now. i even put a link there for ya).

Normally I like to take an idea and tweak it a little, make it look like me, but I loved this quilt so much I decided I was going to replicate it as best I could.  The fabric is designed by Denyse Schmidt and is a combination of her Flea Market Fancy, Katie Jump Rope, and Valley Hope lines.~

{photos courtesy of Denyse Schmidt}

I thought they were charming so I did a quick Etsy search and got quite the surprise.  Sets of 4 fat quarters being sold for 40 to 50 dollars!  Just one yard of the blue and orange floral you see in that first picture… was listed for $79.00!!  It turns out, that these lines are out of print and immensely popular with quilters.  There are biding wars on Ebay for Denyse Schmidt fabrics, and entire blogs dedicated to petitioning the reprinting of these fabric lines.  SOOOoooo, on to plan B.

Oh, before I move on I just had to share this Denyse Schmidt quilting pattern~

I think it’s dreamy.  But so beyond my skills.  I don’t even have enough stubbornness to pull this one off.  Maybe someday.

Instead of getting caught up in the Denyse Schmidt fabric frenzy, I decided to head down to my local fabric store and pick out some material.  One hour and $24.00 later I came back with a beautiful stack of fabrics.  I added to what I bought with some fabric of my own (I also raided my mom’s fabric closet). 

The sewing room is very happy.

All these lovely colors and patterns resting about looking cheerful.

Even the garbage can is happy.

Here is the line up~

I have all the blocks cut, and now I need to start cutting the cream sashes that will go around each block.  I’ll try to post updates as I go along.  I might even enlist help from all you lovelies for the other stages of Operation Bedroom Spruce-up.

Last but not least… The flirty flower giveaway winner is

Skittler335 and to think, I almost cut you out of the giveaway   Your persistence was rewarded this time!

Thank you all for your kind comments and taking time out of your busy lives to stop by and have a chat with me   You guys are great!


30 thoughts on “Tuesday May 3, 2011

  1. skittler335

    OH MY GOODNESS!  *jumps up and down like a little girl* Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Lord now I have to pick 4… LoL I sort of forgot you were announcing it already! YAY! How would you like me to contact you? What other info do you need from me? Also what is your facebook page? I want to “like” it! 

    *calms down*

    But the MAIN reason I came was to comment on your future quilt. Oh my goodness, I love the fabrics you’ve chosen! They are so very cool! You have a very good eye for coordinating colors. I’ve always been a big blue/green/brown gal myself but I am loving all the bright and cheerful warm colors you have incorporated. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see the progress. 

  2. inanorchard

    @skittler335 - You’re great :)   If you wouldn’t mind sending me your mailing info through private message and letting me know which of the four you would like, I’ll send them off in the next couple of days.  My FB page is just my personal page I don’t have one for my Etsy shop, mostly because my Etsy shop is shut down right now. 

    Yeah, I went a little crazy with the colors but my room really needs it and the cream boarders are really going to break it up and make it look less busy.

  3. redladybug18

    I don’t know how you find the time to quilt with 3 kids, you’re amazing!  Your quilt is going to look amazing and I”m sure you’ll have it done by next month at the fast rate you’re going ;)

  4. lifeisadance

    What FUN colors for your quilt! I do not quilt – not that I don’t know how, but somehow the patience for the actual quilting eludes me. :) But I love to see a lovely quilt, and pick them up at Goodwill and other places if I find them for good prices! Can’t wait to see your finished project!! :)

  5. ABAHM

    Wow, it looks GREAT so far.  You did a wonderful job putting all the colors together.  It would have taken me hours, even days…probably why my sons desired quilt is only a couple pieces of material thus far!  He wants a surfer theme quilt…we will see

  6. inanorchard

    @bethro78 - You should!  It’s a lot of fun.  Once you learn the strip quilting method it goes very smoothly.  The nice thing about quilting is, you can lean a few techniques and by applying them different ways, you can get a lot of different looks.

    @fromHeretoThere2 - Thanks!  Like I always say, there’s a little talent involved but it’s mostly stubbornness 

    @celebratinglifeandmotherhood - Well, time is an issue.  I squeeze in time here and there, but it takes me more time to finish projects than it used to.  But that is just life with little ones… you learn to multitask, you learn to pace yourself, and you learn not to have too high of expectations in the productivity department

    @redladybug18 - Cutting out the quilt always goes quickly.  It gets slow after that.  I would like to finish it soon though.  I’m getting excited about seeing it finished and on my bed!

    @lifeisadance - I have seen some of your Good Will finds and if we had those kinds of treasures at our local Good Will I’m not sure I would bother to make mine either   I must admit I kind of like the repetition of piecing together a quilt. 

    @ABAHM - Thanks!  I really don’t spend a lot of time picking out fabrics.  I usually go with my first instinct.  I usually end up coming back to my first pick anyway!  Have you done many quilts?  I want to do some for my boys beds but I haven’t gotten around to yet.

    @Esther_lynn -  Yes!  $79.00 for one yard of COTTON material!  Of course I noticed no one was buying it either   I am going to have it machine quilted.  My mom is a very talented machine quilter so she might do it for me or I might pay to have it done.  I would love to someday do some hand quilting but that’s just not possible at this stage in my life!  Do you quilt Esther?

    @Esther_lynn - 

  7. appalolly

    I think that quilt is so beautiful! And it totally looks like “your style.” I think the fabric you picked out goes together quite well and is so bright and cheery!

    Mission accomplished, girl!

  8. ABAHM

    @inanorchard - I have only made baby quilts.  I told my husband we would wait til we had more time in life…ha!  Should have gone for it when we were younger like you, I seemed to get more sewing done then.  David talked me into doing one of the big quilts like the teen Pottery barn ones as they are rather big pieces and we will keep it easy. 
    I love the look of quilts and the colors!

  9. Esther_lynn

    @inanorchard - yes, I do. Or maybe I have in the past, would be a better thing to say right now. I have made two quilts. One was a queen size traditional log cabin. Nothing sensational, but fun to say I did it. Used it until it wore out. :) would love to do a quilt for my bed now. But it would have to be simpler than the log cabin.

  10. Elizabethmarie_1

    For some reason…I am not getting your updates???  I am subscribed to you, so I don’t know???
    Anyway, your quilt is going to be so pretty!  I can’t wait to see when you finish. =)

  11. inanorchard

    @Elizabethmarie_1 - Oh Elizabeth I think I know what the problem is.  I usually type up my Show and Tell Wednesday at the beginning of the week and save it as private.  Then on Wed. morning I change it public.  I wonder if it only shows up on my site and not in people’s feed?  

  12. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    @inanorchard - i’m so distraught!! i totally missed out on the giveaway and this last post with the Gorgeous quilt taking shape!!
    i did see your pulse about the posting thing…when you go to post, along the very bottom of the posting page, under the Status section, there is a Time option? you click on edit and either choose update to current time (which will post Now) or you can choose a date and time in advance. i did that when i was on vaca and had you ladies guest posting for me, and it works fine. and, maybe you’ve already mastered this….i just don’t want to miss out on any more of your posts!!!
    hope you have a great weekend and a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  13. inanorchard

    @foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown - I know!  I was so frustrated when I found out what i did wrong.  It wouldn’t have been a big deal if it had just been a regular Show & Tell Wed. but it kind of stinks that it was a giveaway too.  Oh well!  Live and learn right?  Thanks for the tip on posting in advance.  That’s handy to know.  Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Rachel!  Love Ya!

  14. Carsonsmom2

    I Love the quilt! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. I love to quilt, but after a day of it I’m done for a while. :) Would drive me crazy to do a whole one. My mom is a custom quilter, but I did not inherit those genes. ;)

    I haven’t been getting your posts either. I’ll keep checking back to make sure i don’t miss any more. :)

  15. inanorchard

    @Carsonsmom2 - Sorry about not getting the posts!  Is it just the Show & Tell Wed. that you haven’t been getting or is it all of my recent posts?  My mom is a custom quilter too… or at least she used to be.  She’s my quilting guru :)

  16. grace_to_be

    once again. amazed at your talent girl! that quilt is going to be beautiful~ you would love my grandma’s house.. she has homemade quilts everywhere. even has one her grandmother made! amazing. i’m actually sitting under one she made for me now!! such neat heirlooms~ it’s like literally being WRAPPED in that person’s love. :)

    so sad i missed the giveaway. i scrolled way down to find it and see i’ve missed all kinds of stuff here. i don’t think i’m getting your updates.. not sure if it’s you or me, but i’ll double check to make sure i’m subscribed right and all that.

    just finished watching the social network and have this whole new AWE of the internet and how it’s totally revolutionized our world and connected us all. kinda a bit creepy too. but not here. ;) here it’s good! :)

    off to bed now. night.


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