Monday May 2, 2011

All week long I tried to sit down and do a proper post and here I am at the beginning of the a new week, a brand new month, and I am finally able to sit and do a little catch up.

We have just been crazy busy lately.  A lot of our extra curricular activities are overlapping and keeping us on the move most evenings.  T-ball has been the big weekly event.  Jude is crazy about t-ball.  If it were up to him he’d be on the ball field every night of the week.  A little over a week ago, Jude’s team had the opportunity to parade around the bases at our local single A ball team The Nuts (yes you read that right).  They all looked so spiffy and fresh faced, as the trotted around the bases waving and grinning. 

That’s Jude on the end waving his arm

The younger ones enjoyed watching and snacking on ball park food.  The night was pleasantly cool and slightly overcast.

Not only did Jude get to trot around the bases but he was randomly selected to throw the opening pitch!  Of course his mother spent so much time taking pictures of the field, the stand, and a bunch of other random stuff, that when it came time to take a picture of the opening pitch… the camera batteries were dead (yeah not my most stellar-mom-moment).  Never fear!  Aunt Jessica to the rescue!   She managed to quickly get her camera to Justin just in time for him to snap a picture.

{I just got these photos from Jess’ camera and they turned out so good I just had to add them to the post!}


Early in the week we were invited to Aunt Paula’s house for a morning of sewing.

She and my mother-in-law had a beautiful spread of fruits, cheese, crackers and pastries set out for us to snack on.

That’s Aunt Paula standing up by the machine and Amy getting ready to sew.

Justin’s Grandma is a dear sweet woman, who loves to sew, and one of her specialties is making lovely pot holders to give out as gifts.  She always carries a small tub of them with her, and when she visits your house she makes sure to leave you with at least one.  Aunt Paula thought it would be a fun idea for all of us women to get together and have Grandma B. teach us how to make them.

That’s Grandma B. on the left and Carla on the right.  Aren’t they lovely?  We had so much fun together and I even managed to get a few potholders made.

I’m looking forward to making a few more to replace all my burnt, stained, and crusty store bought potholders.


Jude had his very first game~

A little pre-game huddle.

Waiting for the game to start.  Standing around trying to look like real ball players.

Man I love that kid!

~The cheering section~

That very same night we had to rush off a little sooner than the game ended, to get the boys to Awana’s Awards night.  Jude and Gideon had worked hard all year long memorizing their scripture verses.  They earn badges and jewels as they go along, but if they finish their book before the end of the year they get a ribbon.  Jude in particular had his eye on that prize almost from day one.

This is the only picture of the awards ceremony that wasn’t blurry beyond recognition.  Gideon, oh-so-serious, during the Pledge of Allegiance.  They were so pleased with their ribbons.  I was really proud of the boys for faithfully, each week, memorized pretty big passages from the Bible.

Lastly, just a few pictures from the week that made me smile~

She was giving me “the eye” from across the breakfast table.

Looking forward to a slower week (hopefully),  April

15 thoughts on “Monday May 2, 2011

  1. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    your little guy is such a cutie! (well, all your kids are!) and, wow! you have had a busy week!!
    the getting together to sew with friends/family…THAT sounds like fun!! so glad you have the chance and the people to do that with!
    wishing you a lovely, and Slower week!

  2. JsSteph7

    Aw. Your kids are ADORABLE! : ) Seems like a busy but fun week! I can see why you’re ready for a slower one. :) Hope it’s a great day for you! It’s a beautiful Monday!

  3. Izzysgal

    I’d have liked to join your sewing party….the treats look divine and the can’t you always use new hotpads? Interesting to see GB in your family….my grandparents were GB and so we still have alot of family and friends that are. Hope your week is as slow as you hope it will be ;) .

  4. appalolly

    Its looks so warm and sunny where you are!  That…I am jealous of!

    Cute pictures of your kids. Glad your son likes T-ball so much. Our six year old starts in a week or two here and we’ll see how he likes it. Hopefully he does.

    Those pot holders look really cool. I could use a few new ones myself, I have been noticing lately.  But, alas, the lack of sewing ability!!

  5. lifeisadance

    Another lovely post from April! What a fun, busy week! The sewing day looks like fun – I always enjoy things like that so much if it’s with other people! By myself is fun too, but it’s MORE fun with other people. :) And I am proud of your boys too for memorizing Scripture like that!! WOW! That means you have put a lot of time into it as well, especially when they’re young like that. I’m working on a few passages with Zoe but it can be easy to forget to work on it without a deadline…

  6. skittler335

    That’s wonderful that he loves T-ball, and such great pictures! I hope he always enjoys being active. Also that sewing party sure looks like fun, what a great idea! I would love to attend one of those!

  7. inanorchard

    @foreveranoatneygirl - Thanks Rachel!  It was all really fun stuff but even fun stuff can take it’s toll.  I’m ready for an entire week of catch up :)

    @celebration_of_life - Yeah, he pretty much already knew half the team :)   When people found out that Jared was going to be the assistant coach for the team, people started requesting him, so we ended up with a lot of friends and family on the team.

    @JsSteph7 - Thanks   I’m pretty found of them myself

    @Izzysgal - The sewing party was the highlight of the week for me!  A lot of husband’s side of the family are still GB so we still have connections to the community through family and friends.

    @appalolly - It is warming up here.  We’re supposed to hit the mid 80′s this week!  I hope your little guy likes t-ball too.  It’s a kick to watch them out there on the field!  They’re all so enthusiastic and green

    @bethro78 - Isn’t that one a hoot?!  I have no idea why Gideon felt the hardhat was needed, but I love the look of amusement on Eliza’s face!

    @lifeisadance - Thanks Clarita!  It is a lot more fun to sew with other people, not always as productive, but certainly more fun   Are you working on sewing something delightful for your darling girlies?

    @skittler335 - I was always such a lousy athlete as a kid so I’m really pleased Jude enjoys it!  Do you sew?

  8. H0LDfast

    1. those pictures of jude on the mound are classic. just classic.
    2. the grandma picture is beautiful.
    3. sorry to be the flaky family not at the 1st game.
    4. eliza is darling.
    5. i like you.

  9. skittler335

    @inanorchard - If the machine is all set up for me I can sew a pretty rockin’ straight line. LoL My mother in law helped me make several receiving blankets for Kylie and I had a lot of fun doing it. 

  10. Elizabethmarie_1

    Ca-ute pictures!  I like the second to the last…..she is so pretty.
    The food at your sewing party, Yum!  I think I would have been more excited for that than the sewing. lol.
    Just like Audrey, I am jealous of your weather. We’re getting a frost tonight. Brrrr!!!
    Hope your week is going well….nice and slow! =)

  11. redladybug18

    Those potholders are so cute!  I remember one summer my mom paid us $5 for every hot pad we made using the loom thing and weaving them.  I think we all got a good deal and she ended up with some that didn’t have have burn marks on them.  That’s an awesome idea to get together and just sew with friends/family :)
    Love all the pictures but especially the pitching ones and the last two.  Too cute!


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