Tuesday June 29, 2010

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary this month, and decided a celebratory trip was in order.  While “two weeks in Europe” had a very nice ring to it; 3 young children and a house payment made that idea a little unrealistic.

Instead we opted for a closer destination~ two days and two nights hiking and camping at Pt. Reyes and 2 days/nights at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley.  Justin has taken up hiking over the last few years and I’ve always wanted to go with him but pregnancy or nursing usually prohibited my going.

 He planned the hike carefully.  Picking the ideal beginners trail, packing as many comforts as he could stuff in a pack and carry on his back, and made sure to have plenty of yummy snacks to munch on.  He even bought me a Nook (an electronic reader) and loaded a bunch of books onto it for me to read.

Wednesday afternoon we pulled into the parking lot near the trailhead.  Already our trip was looking promising.  The parking lot was surrounded by wooden fences, a meadow and wild flowers.

Our packs.  Justin kept mine to a very easy load of 20 lbs.  Plus we only hiked a little over 2 miles with all our gear.

Us, looking fresh and ready to go.

We set up camp late that afternoon and then went down to the beach.  It was gray and cold the entire trip, but the cold dampness couldn’t compare to the loveliness of our surroundings.

Getting dinner ready.  Dehydrated mac ‘n’ cheese… yum!  Actually is was pretty darn good.

The next morning we woke up to thick mists and heavy water drops covering our little tent.  It was so cozy and warm inside though.  I slept like a baby all nestled down in my warm sleeping bag.  Justin carried our double sized air mattress just to make sure I was comfortable.

Everything was dripping with fat water drops.

Our breakfast.

Until this moment I never appreciated how perfect, a hot cup of slightly sweetened Earl Gray Tea, truly is.  Or how woefully inadequate 8 oz is when you are cold to the bone.

Never the less we packed our water bottles, our lunch, and headed out. 

The brisk walk soon pushed away any thoughts of being cold.  The wild flowers where enchanting.  I know that sounds cheesy but there is no other way to describe them.  I spent the better part of the hike bent over staring at the ground, and would have to remind myself to look up. 

Not far into the walk we ran into a doe and her very curious fawn.

We made a detor towards Sculpture Beach.  Beautiful natural bridges and tide pools.

At times the trail would almost disappear completely.  At lunch time we sat under a giant Eucalyptus tree and feasted on dried salami, rosemary and garlic crackers, beef jerky, and black licorice.

The trail turned away from the ocean and headed up into the woods.  The Forget-me-nots flanked either side of the path.

We made sure to take pictures of any wildlife we came across knowing the boys would want to see them.

Justin taking advantage of some rare cell phone coverage, to send the boys a message.

The Queen Anne’s Lace was beautiful.  I was a bit obsessed with taking pictures of it; we have several dozen shots of Queen Anne’s Lace from every angle imaginable.

Friday morning we packed up camp.  All in all we hiked 14.1 miles.  Justin says you have to be specific when listing millage.  Otherwise people will assume that you have rounded up in order to cushion your total millage.  Heaven knows I would never want to be accused of exaggerating

I love this picture of Justin.

It was the perfect trip~
In case you are wondering the answer is yes… I did walk into the Historic Claremont Hotel looking just as you see me in this picture (well minus the pack).

Our cozy little room.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of our time in Berkeley.  We shopped, ate at nice restaurants, watched a movie, slept in, went fabric shopping at this amazing store, sat on benches drinking coffee and reading books…

The little bakery we bought our pastries from in the morning. 

It is getting late and my spelling and grammar is worsening by the second, so I will say “good night”.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday June 29, 2010

  1. manuelmusings

    Happy Anniversay!  I asked Rudy if this is what we should do for our anniversary and he said that it made him tired to think about it!  I think we’ll just stick with the hotel part!


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