Friday June 18, 2010

While we were gone our little garden was thriving.  The corn and the sunflowers were at least a foot taller than we had left them.  Unfortunately, in our absence, the weeds also happily took over the garden.  One night after supper I went out to tame the weeds with my three helpers in tow.  While the boys played on the swing set Eliza played in the dirt.  For some reason we have the reddest, fattest little ladybugs in our garden.  I picked one up and let it wander across my hand.  Eliza was delighted so I held it up to her hand and let it crawl over her pudgy little fingers.

She stood so still as the ladybug traveled from her hand, down her arm and onto the hem of her dress.  She was delighted!

Jude soon joined the fun.  He and Eliza looked for more ladybugs as I got back to my work.

Gideon was loving his seat on the swing.

I’m excited to have fresh cut flower in my house this summer.

The evenings have been so lovely this week.  The wind has died down and the temperature is so mild.

.: Nifty Note Cards :.

I was rummaging through my cupboards the other day looking for a note card to slip into a present, but all I found were a bunch of mix-match leftover Christmas cards.  That afternoon, after I put the kids down for nap, I headed to the sewing room to make my own gift cards.  It was so fun and easy.  If you would like to make some for yourself here is what you will need~

1. Card stock, in random shapes and sizes.  2. A variety of small material scraps.  3. Trim (optional but fun).  4. Scissors  5. Thread  6. Glue  7.  Heat ‘n’ Bond 8. A sewing machine

I started by ironing the heat and bond onto the back of the fabric scraps.  I traced my shapes onto the Heat ‘n’ Bond paper and cut them out.

Be sure to peel off the Heat ‘n’ Bond paper.  Then place the wrong side of the material down onto the card stock and iron in place (keep the heat level of the iron on the “wool” setting)  Iron in place for just a few seconds.  If you don’t have any Heat ‘n’ Bond you could secure the material to the card with a glue stick.  I like using the Heat ‘n’ Bond because it really holds the material in place and it keeps the edges from unraveling.

Sew around the edges of the shape.  My machine didn’t mind sewing through the paper at all and it was very easy to navigate around the shape.  The stitching provides a fun and unique touch to the card.

If you want be able to write on the back of the card you will need to attach the sewn card to another coordinating piece of card stalk.  You can use any kind of glue but I really like this “Best Test” glue.

Have fun!  Use fabric that has built in patterns, like flowers, birds, or hearts.  Embellish with trim or use the zig-zag stitch to add a boarder around the card.

You can keep a stack on hand to put on top of baby shower or birthday gifts.  Or make sets to give as gifts.  I thought a set of bird themed cards would make a darling gift.  I used letter stickers to add little sayings to the cards.  Most craft stores sell packages of pre-cut card stock.  The packages usually come with a variety of colors and sizes.  The sets are very reasonably priced, and work perfectly for this project.

There are so many fun applications to this project.  You can make Christmas gift tags, bookmarks, card sets, you could even frame them and hang them up as art.  There are so many great children’s fabrics, it would be easy to make a grouping of pictures for a child’s room or a nursery.

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