Saturday August 11, 2007

He has become very interested in flipping through the pages of my Bible.  While I’m pleased with this recent development I’m not so pleased with the ripped pages in my Bible.

I decided it might be time to get him his own Bible.  We went to Yesterday’s Books and picked out a Children’s picture Bible for him to take to church.  I also thought it might be a good opportunity to start letting him bring an offering to church as well.

Sunday morning came and after he got dressed for church we got his Bible down and we tucked a small envelope of coins in it’s pages.  We told him that he was going to take the money to church and give it to Jesus.  He was very excited.  He kept taking the envelope out and examining it all the while saying, “Give monies to Jesus Mommy?” 

The Bible and money rode on his lap to church,was carried into church under his arm, and then carefully placed on the seat next to him.

When the offering was passed around Daddy helped him get his money out and put it in the bag.  As he dropped the money in the bag and watched it being passed down the row he started to scream and cry. “No  Daddy! No monies!”, he sobbed. 

Evidently, he didn’t realize that when you give money to Jesus- it’s for keeps!

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