Monday June 14, 2010

Vacations pre-children were always so… restful.  Not as exciting but oh-so restful.

I am operating on very few hours of sleep, but it is good to be home.  It’s good to be able to put the children in their own rooms and shut their doors; knowing they will not stir until morning.  It is good to know my own lovely bed, with the plump pillows and cool sheets, is waiting for my weary head.

We have been in Tucson for the last week, soaking up the sun, swimming, eating, and exploring the desert.  I have loads of pictures waiting to be uploaded, but those will wait for another day.   For now my thoughts are turned towards my Summer to-do list~

~Replant the pots on the front porch
~Start using the rowing machine for what it is intended, instead of a large purse rack.
~Eat more strawberries
~Take the kids to the Farmer’s Market
~Make kitchen curtains
~Sew a skirt with a zipper *gasp*
~Paint the bathroom
~Play kickball with the boys
~Stop being so hard on myself
~Make corn cakes

I will leave you with one teaser picture from the trip

I was trying to convince the boys to try the “bat ears” on.  They would have no part in such silliness.  They are only 5 and 3, but I am all ready embarrassing them.  Oh well… the way I see it; if you’re not occasionally embarrassing your children you’re not doing something right.

Good night

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