Friday June 26, 2009

~They are a lot of work.

~They make elements of my life so much more time consuming. 

~I need a lot of patience to get through a day.

It’s easy for me to focus on the difficulties of being a parent because it’s humorous and a very big part on my daily existence. But the other side of that is…

….they are so much fun!

They make the world around me feel new and exciting again.  I am a better person because of them.

Something as simple as a walk after dinner becomes the perfect evening.  Questions are asked, bugs examined, rocks tossed, sticks drug, dirt kicked… and I get to be apart of it all.

Jude does not go anywhere without being prepared!

Riley swimming after a bird.  He did finally get it, which added greatly to the excitement of the evening. 

Lately Jude has been asking, “Is that normal?”.  He points to things and asks if they’re “normal” or he wants to know if the way we are driving home is “normal”.  Somehow I don’t feel very qualified to answer that question.

4 thoughts on “Friday June 26, 2009

  1. H0LDfast

    i hope he doesn’t ask if i’m normal : )
    i agree with you on family walks after dinner – there’s something to them . . .
    see you soon – maybe for just a minute i could hold her today – she has totally grown-up.

  2. JessiLeighB

    has Jude taken control of the new back pack?  Mom told me about his decision that Gid was too little to carry the new back pack,and maybe he should just take it off Gid’s hands… : )

  3. inanorchard

    @JessiLeighB - Yes, Jude has taken over the new backpack.  Fortunately Gideon could care less.  You should have heard Jude’s second plan for getting the backpack.  He said “Mom, I think I’m going to sell my old backpack to Gavin and keep Gideon’s for a few months and then I’ll sell it back to Gideon.”   Sorry I missed your call we’ve been strangers for too long!


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