Tuesday June 23, 2009

The days and weeks are flying by so quickly I feel like the only way I can slow them down is by taking pictures.  Freezing those sweet moments that slide by my very eyes.

She’ll be three months old this week.

Friday night was a fun night at home.  Grandpa and Grammy came over and helped us eat hamburgers.  We irrigated the pasture again.  The boys were sorely disappointed when not a single gopher surfaced once the flooding had stopped.

This is Jude.  This picture captures who he is so well. I just love it.

I also love this picture.  I really love the man in the middle!  He doesn’t often smile that big, I’m really glad I caught it on my camera. 

This is very typical of Gideon.  Finding some little corner to crawl into with his little collection of trucks and trailers.  So serious.  I remember a time in my life when playing was important business.

Between a sick boy and family celebrations we never managed to celebrate Father’s Day with our little family.  So I planned a special dinner for him tonight.  Special dinners for him always mean blackberry pie for dessert.

Expectations are tricky things.  Sometimes the expectation of an event is half the fun, but when life throws a kink into those plans it can be such a let-down. Because I’m such a planner it is particularly hard for me to adjust my expectations.  Which is not good when you have three young children in the house! 

I pictured us all sitting down for a delicious meal, going for a walk, taking some family pictures and coming home for some pie and icecream.  A sick little boy changed all of that!

Somehow dinner still turned out good. 

He’s a really good Daddy.  Somehow dinner and pie doesn’t seems like an adequate “thank you” for all that he does, but it made him happy and that makes me happy.

One thought on “Tuesday June 23, 2009

  1. georgene

    What a good wife! I love the picture of your Dad, too! I saw him at the grocery store the other day but I was in line and couldn’t yell at him.


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