Tuesday June 16, 2009

I understand that he is 4-years-old and he has a lot of questions about the world and how it works. I really don’t mind answering his questions or discussing at length, anything he’s interested in. 

Lately however, his response to everything I ask him to do, or NOT to do is… “but why Mommy?”  I used to indulge him with a response.  Until it occurred to me that this was not a case of 4-year-old curiosity.  It was a case of, “state your position so that I might crossexamine you and form my rebuttal.”  I found that I was spending a large part of my day justifying my decisions to my preschool aged child.

The problem is that reason and logic are not always on my side.  He immediately perceives this and begins chipping away at my defenses one question at a time.  He will not relent until he has managed to get me to change my mind or at the very least admitted that my reasoning was flawed.  Other people (a.k.a his father) find this to be so much more amusing that I do.

I’m sure that some day when he’s a Supreme Court Justice I will be so proud and say that it was all worth it, but for now I would be happy to never hear the words “..but why mom?” come out of his mouth again!

In spite of all this I do have one trump card.  It is the only one I have; it is the one nature gave me… “Because I’m your mother AND I SAY SO!”

6 thoughts on “Tuesday June 16, 2009

  1. MissAlli82

    One piece of advice that just happens to be a huge pet peeve of mine…..Never follow a direction with the word “okay?”…

    “You don’t need to climb on the couch, okay?”
    “Eat your broccoli, okay?”
    “Do what mommy says, okay?”

    I hate it when parents give their kids a choice when they don’t really want their kids to choose the other option.  (No one would ever say, “Eat your broccoli, okay?  Or just go ahead and eat your cake instead.”)

    A much better option:

    “Don’t climb on the couch.  And if you do, I’ll whip your butt!”

    Spoken from someone who has no kids, just teaches everyone else’s!  : )

  2. inanorchard

    @MissAlli82 - I like that!  I think I’ll start ending all of my directions with “…or I’ll whip your butt!”  Even if it doesn’t work it will still be a lot of fun.  You better watch out Allison, someday he might be your student 

  3. RunningBrooke

    @MissAlli82 - @inanorchard - April, your post and Allison’s rant were a topic of conversation at Tresetti’s tonight.  Add counting in fractions to my list of annoyances:  “Pick up your toys now.  I’m going to count to 3.  1.  2.  Do you want me to get to 3?  2 1/2.  Please pick up your toys, okay?!  2 3/4.  Here, Mommy will help you pick up your toys.  Oh, Look!  Mommy picked up all your toys.  Aren’t you lucky to have a pushover for a mom!  It’s so much better than saying 3 and whipping your butt!!!!!!” 


  4. georgene

    A wise response used by mother’s for centuries! Good call! LOL!!

    You are very wise to see the motivation behind the questioning. You are a good mom. You’re teaching him to obey you cheerfully and instantly so he will do the same with God. I’m proud of you!


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