Thursday June 11, 2009

They were a gift from Aunt Jess.

He wanted to start eating them the minute we got in the car.

I told him he would have to wait.  Waiting is not his specialty.

I came through the front door just in time to see him headed for the bathroom, arms overflowing with bags of cherries.

I suggested that the kitchen sink might be a more convienient  place to wash cherries (not to mention more hygienic).

We like benefiting from Aunt Jess’ connections!

Gideon came in from playing in the yard this afternoon calling my name.

“There’s a ‘tone in my boot Mamma.”

“What was that bud?”

“There’s a sToNE in my BoOt MammA!”

I love his vocabulary!  It was not a rock in his boot; it was a stone.  I used to try to simplify certain words in their story books thinking that I was helping them comprehend the story line better.  Until I heard Jude one day, as he was playing with his plastic alligator saying, “The alligator floated down the dark mysterious river.”  It suddenly dawned on me; he was quoting from one of his favorite Golden Books. There’s no better way for them to learn new words than to hear them in their stories.

This is her new trick.  She clinches her blanket in both her little fists, pulls it up around her chin and then rubs her face against it. In no time she’s fast asleep.

So much of being a mom is about thinking and planning ahead. 

~Defrosting that meat for dinner.

~Getting much-loved blankets in the washer and dryer before nap time.

~Negotiating nursing an infant along with dinner preparations.

I find myself always thinking three steps ahead of myself.  Suddenly I look up and realize that special and important things are happening rIghT No
W… and I’m missing them.

Older women stop me all the time and tell me to “…enjoy them while they’re little; they grow up so fast.”  The busy-tired-overworked-mom-side of me wants to ask, “Do you really remember what it’s like to have little one’s under your feet all day?”  But the more rational side of me realizes that it is the voice of experience speaking… and I should listen.

One thought on “Thursday June 11, 2009

  1. H0LDfast

    that was a good post. i like the boot picture. eliza is growing up – i haven’t seen her ‘for reals’ in a long time.  she’ll be 6 months when our baby is born – thats half way already!!
    love you – hey if you want a bargin  on something come by toomes road tomorrow : ) we’ll make you a great deal – rex’s special’s are calculators!!!


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