Sunday December 19, 2010

Confession:  My boys are coffee drinkers. 

It’s a small ritual their Daddy started with them on the weekends; 3/4 of a cup of milk, a little sugar, and a splash of coffee.  What started as a weekend treat turned into a “most mornings” routine. Lately Jude can take it or leave it, but not Gideon.   At the beginning of the week I picked up a carton of orange juice as a special treat.  The next morning I thought I would surprise the children and fill their cups with orange juice.  Jude and Eliza were very pleased but Gideon wasn’t awake yet so I set his cup on the coffee table.  As I was making my bed I heard his little feet shuffle into the living room, a few minutes later he showed up in my bedroom doorway looking like a storm cloud and said in his low, growling morning voice, “This is NOT coffee!”

Word to the wise~ don’t mess with Gid’s coffee.

She loves eating her breakfast on this little stool.  It makes her so happy!

She mostly lets the cereal sit in the bowl until the milk gets sweet and then she drinks the milk…

… leaving the unwanted cereal behind.

Jude is very excited about wrapping presents, so I got the paints out and let them make their own wrapping paper.

I made potato stamps by slicing the potato in half and carving out a star, holly leaf, and cross shape.  They dipped them in paint but it would have worked much better if I had used stamp pads. 

They mostly ended up finger painting anyway

It is so tempting to just stop typing here, and leave you with the impression that I’m a laid back mom who’s totally cool with them “expressing their artistic individuality”, but I’m not that mom.  Here’s the thing; I love perfectly wrapped, beautifully coordinated Christmas presents.  Every year I choose a new theme and color scheme for my presents.  I know it’s weird and uptight but it makes my heart happy.  But, I bit my tongue  and let them enjoy themselves and reminded myself that there are more important things in life that perfectly coordinated presents ( I guess).

He got sick~

3 full days of a high fever that just knocked the wind right out of his sails.  I was cleaning up after lunch when I noticed he was being very quiet and I found him like this.

It was Jude’s last week of school so we made treats for his classmates.  Carmel corn!  Yummy, crunch, buttery, sweet goodness!!!

He was more than a little pleased with his gifts.

I haven’t made very many gifts this year.  Just a few.  I thought I would give the whole “crazy Aunt who makes stuff” routine a rest.   The sewing machine has been quieter than I would like but I was able to squeeze in a little time this afternoon.

She sat so quietly in my lap watching the machine make neat stitched along the fabric edge.  It’s fun to have a little girl.

All of the little boxes in the 5 day weather forecast, have little rain clouds on them.  We might just have a wet Christmas.  Nothing is better on a wet afternoon that fresh bread with a generous helping of butter and a warm cup of coffee.  Nothing!

I hope you week was full of things that make your heart happy too!

5 thoughts on “Sunday December 19, 2010

  1. H0LDfast

    seriously i always think things like – ‘if only i were like april & could make something super cool and special ….’ when i’m shopping the aisles for gifts. 2nd – you’re present wrap jobs are beautifully intimating. that profile of you is really pretty. and your kids & coffee … !!  : )
    merry christmas xoxo 

  2. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    that is too funny about the coffee! sounds like something I would say if someone tried to trick me!;O)

    love the handprinted wrapping paper; what a fun idea!!

    and, i agree with you on the nothing better for a cold rainy day than fresh bread and coffee…so comforting!

    hope you and yours have the Merriest of Christmases!!


  3. celebration_of_life

    ~love her breakfast stool…she is looking like such a big girl!

    and I want to go to school with Jude so I can get treats:)

    Fun to see you even if it was just a quick wave…I’d spent so many hours in the kitchen that I was tired of it and decided it would work out perfect to get them lunch real quick on the way to Gma’s and then I headed to get my hair cut…

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Christmas~~~~~~~~~


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