Monday December 13, 2010

Over the last two weeks, as our lives have been a happy blur of activity, my mind kept returning to my silent blog.  It has been sitting here quietly, patiently… waiting for me to fill it up with our Christmas happenings, and finally on this quiet gray morning I am able to sit and type. 

Our days have been filled with:

~Christmas trees
~Bing Crosby, Elvis, and Dean Martin crooning from our CD player
~Paper chains and snowflakes
~Parades in the rain
~Unexpected date nights, sharing the most amazing plate of pasta
~Dinner and a concert in the City with friends
~Fevers and tummy troubles
~Toasty fires
~A house that smells like pine and tangerines

We started the Christmas season off with a Costco tree and a trip to the our town’s Christmas Parade.  It was cold and raining the night of the parade.  My resolve was seriously tested when the children fell asleep in the car on the way there, as the rain pelted our windshield, and we circled block after block looking for a single parking space.  But we loaded up our gear (umbrella, dinner, chair) and ran down the wet streets with three children in tow, just in time for the start of the parade.

We stopped of at Wienerschnitzel for corndogs.  They made a nice warm, portable meal.  Eliza was snug and happy with her corndog; hanging on Daddy’s back.

The boys piled into the one chair we brought and took in all the sights

I love marching bands.  I really do.

Monday night the Christmas tree was put in it’s stand, and the Christmas boxes pulled out of storage.

Since the first year of our marriage, I have stored our Christmas decorations in this small Crate&Barrel box.  The first few years all the trimmings and trappings fit into that small box.  We have since outgrown it and now is only houses the tree decorations.  The boys love that box.  They get so excited when they see Daddy coming in with it in his arms.  Every year they huddle around it bringing out their old favorite ornaments.

I spent the rest of the week, slowly putting up my decorations

Since we don’t have real snowflakes in our part of the country… we improvise!

I have saved all of the boys Christmas art from previous years and I try to find special places for them around the house. 

One of my favorite treats of the season… tangerines!  Christmas and tangerines go hand-in-hand in my mind. 

Gideon found the Toys R Us Big Book in the mail.

It has been his constant companion ever since.  He pours over each page, and points to things and says “Mom! Mom!  You know what I want?  What I super, SUPER want?”

Miss Eliza has two new loves~ her new pink rain boots and her brother’s stocking cap.

The house is no longer quiet and that means my time is up.  Hope you are enjoying your own Christmas traditions and preparations!

4 thoughts on “Monday December 13, 2010

  1. celebration_of_life

    Christmas is just filled with fun things. I love it!  But sorry you had to deal with sickness…thought I’d get to see you at least a little at the wedding.
    We always realize after the fact that we missed the Christmas parade:(
    Happy Tuesday~


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