Sunday November 22, 2009

Sunday afternoons have become my time to post.  Not because there isn’t plenty of work to be doing, but it is the one time of the week I’m willing to let myself play before I work!  So for now I will ignore the “getting ready for church wreckage” and enjoy a little down time.

I love being a stay at home mom, but sometimes I just need a day to away from the world of children.  A day away from the world of diapers, cleaning up spills, repeating myself, refereeing, making meals with boys under my feet and a baby in my arms…

Fortunately I have a husband who understands this, so while he spent a day with the boys; my mom, Eliza and I headed to Sutter Creek for a day to ourselves. 

It couldn’t have been a more lovely day.  Fall colors, cool crisp weather, Christmas music playing as we strolled down the street, and best of all… tea for lunch!

It was her first tea party.  The girls who worked at the tea house had a lot of fun bringing out different accessories and trying them on her.  Eliza didn’t mind the attention.

We borrowed some hats for an after tea picture. 

She will be 8-months-old this week…

… and she is just mobile enough to get herself into some real sticky spots.

She was playing in her room and I was folding clothes in the living room.  I heard her fussing and yelling so I can down the hall and found her all the way under her dresser.  She got even more upset when I rushed to get my camera instead of rushing to rescue her

Her infant bath tub had become pathetically small, so I  started bathing her with the boys.  She likes that! 

Saturday while we were in Sutter Creek, everyone kept calling her a princess (partly because of the pink, frilly skirt) but she’s really just a big goof ball.  She wrestles with the boys, makes goofy noises and silly faces just to get her brothers’ to laugh, and is happiest when she’s right in the thick of things.

Last Friday night we had a campfire out back with all the Rodgers.  Schedules have been so busy but we managed to all be in the same place at the same time!

Eliza was excited about wearing her new hat!

We huddled near the fire and roasted marshmallows and sang silly songs about bear hunts, and man-eating pets.  Sailor Janie gave us a small performance.  She sang the books of the Bible and recited the 7 days of creation.  I’m 32 and I don’t think I can recite the 7 days of creation!  The next morning I had to laugh when I found a half dozen, half eaten marshmallows put back in the bag.

One last random picture…

… no job is too big when I have my helpers!

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving week.  More time with my husband and lots of good food I didn’t have to make!

6 thoughts on “Sunday November 22, 2009

  1. H0LDfast

    i’m smiling again – your posts do that.
    you beat me to the campfire pictures – they are uploading right now. i always forget till i hear you sing silly songs that you were a really great preschool teacher.  sailor, jack & especially benny have been trying to remember and sing ‘skippin’ home from school  . . .’  it’s pretty butchered & cute : ) eliza’s tutu skirt.  so glad you ‘got away’
    obviously i was wrong about this week’s plans – see you sometime : )
    love you xoxo

  2. georgene

    Precious post! What fun! I love tea parties! It looks as if ALL the girls enjoyed their tea. Your Mom looks so good! I hope you came back rested and ready for the next round!

    We’re in the process of moving so I’m not on Xanga much these days.

    Love you!

  3. inanorchard

    @H0LDfast - I hope you post your pictures too!  Quite a few of mine were really blurry so I didn’t get as many shots as I hoped.  The guys keep talking about burying a turkey sometime this weekend.  What do you think?  


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