Wednesday November 4, 2009

~ The couch cushions were in the boys’ bedroom.

~ The dumps trucks were parked where the couch cushions should be.

~ A full glass of water sat in the middle of the kitchen floor (this I found with my foot).

~ My bed was somewhere under a weeks worth of clean, unfolded laundry.

~ The hamster was in the porta-crib.

That pretty much sums up my entire Monday.

Everything was displaced and scattered, including my own thoughts. . . things to accomplish, dates to schedule, wish lists, holidays, my own parenting skills (or the lack thereof), questions I wanted answered, realities I didn’t want to face, etc, etc.

A sick, snotty, slobbery little girl

A flesh-eating, tantrum-throwing toddler

And a very, VERY, inquisitive 4-year-old…

…proved to be more that this mere mortal could endure. 

The day ended on a happy note.

This is Charlie.  Charlie is a girl. We didn’t know that when we named her Charlie but the name has already stuck.  Aunt Karen called and asked us if we would like a puppy.  One had wandered onto her property and needed a home.  We went out to meet her and it was love at first sight for the boys.

This morning they piled out of bed and headed straight for the porch.  It was cold and they were still in there p.j.s and they hadn’t even had breakfast.

Riley wasn’t sure what to think of Charlie at first, but I have a strong feeling they’re going to be good friends.

She does not want to be bothered with this whole “crawling” thing.  She turns, pivots, stretches, and pulls up, but she will not crawl!

It is late.  Tomorrow is a very busy day.  Good night.

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