Friday July 31, 2009

She is four months old now. It occurred to me that it was time for her to have her own room.  Past time really. So mom came over yesterday and gave me the push and help I needed to get her room cleaned out and set up.  Since we moved in her room has been used as a storage unit, but those days are over…


There are days when I really start to question whether we made the right decision; buying three acres of dirt with a house that needs some work.  The “to-do” list is longer than I can see, unfinished projects everywhere I look, tired sore muscles at the end of a day…

Then I see this…


…and I know we made the right choice for our family.  They don’t care about the million little things that aren’t done, they are having fun enjoying the sunshine and the dirt and that’s what is really important.

Speaking of four-months-old.  In the midst of all the business; she turned 4 months old last week.

In the hospital (1 day old).

1 month old

2 months old and loving her butterfly mat

3 months old and playing in the cardboard box with big brother.


Sometimes I don’t believe she is real.

7 thoughts on “Friday July 31, 2009

  1. TConway

    She keeps getting cuter and cuter every month!  Almost 8 months later and I still look at Gwyneth at least once a day not believing she is real.  And here we thought we never wanted girls.

  2. H0LDfast

    the cardboard box picture just makes me smile, like she’s saying ‘really mom, really?’
    and if she ever wants fresh flowers for her new room auntie alli will clip her some zinnia’s.
    thanks for coming this morning
    love you ~ 


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